May 18, 2009

Beach Vacation - First Day at the Beach

When we woke up Friday morning and stepped out onto the balcony, this is what greeted us. Isn't God beautiful?

I think I could wake up to that more often. I love the beach. I love to hear the waves crashing. Every time we stay at the beach, we open our window or balcony door at night so we can sleep with the sound of the waves crashing outside. 

After a few minutes of looking at that, we walked out to the kitchen/living room area and Sara Madalin got a surprise. Connor was there.

He, Granny (Martha), Gramps (Dwayne), and his little brother, Andrew, had arrived after Sara Madalin went to sleep Thursday night. She was surprised to see them there. She loves these two boys. She had the best time playing with Connor. And I think Connor had a great time playing with Reagan in the water. They were surfing buddies. Here's Connor and Sara Madalin playing before breakfast.

Sara Madalin and Granny out on the balcony after breakfast. She was so happy to see them there. 

While we were sitting outside, a flock of birds came really close to our balcony. Reagan and the boys started throwing bread at them and they caught it in their beaks. They were REALLY close.

After breakfast, I coated Sara Madalin with SPF 50 sunblock and off we went to the beach. She LOVED it!!!! When Reagan would try and pick her feet up out of the water, she would whine. She wanted him to let go of her completely so she could crawl around but we were not going to do that.

We did sit her on the very edge of the water and let her feel the waves come up to her. She was way more interested in the sand. She probably ate as much sand this weekend as she did baby food. Oh, and she tried cantalope and scrambled eggs this weekend too. She loved the fruit, but not the eggs so much.

Then we went back up to the dry sand where our towels and chairs were and let her play there. I just loved watching her face and her reactions. She cracks me up.

Yes, she was yelling. She wanted everyone to know she was at the beach. And that she had her very own yellow shovel and green pail.

She's thinking, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure everyone heard me."

She watched Connor for ideas on building her sand castle. Actually, I think she was watching for the right time to take that toy from him.

She played and played outside. Then we went inside to the pool and let her swim for a while. That little girl was worn out by about 11:00 a.m. I fixed her a bottle and she slept for a while in my lap while everyone else played in the pool.

When she woke up, she was smiling and ready to go some more.

After lunch and another long nap for her, everyone came in for the day. I changed Sara Madalin and she stayed with Granny and Gramps while Reagan and I went to dinner. Look at her pretty shoes. Her Daddy helped her pick those out at The Watermelon Patch. They were off her feet about 2 minutes after I took this picture.

I told you she loves Connor. He is so good with her. He plays with her so well. We were so glad that he and Granny, Gramps and Andrew came to spend some time with us. 

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Heather said...

Have I said before how much I love the pictures you post? Or, how truly adorable your baby girl is? I've enjoyed seeing each and every one of these beach pictures. The one of her trying to eat the sand but was being stopped, definitely made me laugh because even though it may not be sand we have many times caught ourselves in the same situation with Gia. The one of her yelling was also cute...also the one with her playing with Connor before breakfast. Looks like she had a great time!