May 18, 2009

Beach Vacation - Our Arrival at the Condo

I thought I'd share a little about our short vacation in Gulfshores, AL this past weekend. We arrived late Thursday evening. We probably would have gotten there much earlier, but we had to make a quick stop at The Watermelon Patch outside Hattiesburg. Two words ladies - Giraffe Print Yellow Box Flip-flops. Ok, yeah that's more than two words. 

Anyway, here are a few shots of the condo that we rented for the weekend. And before I start sharing these, let me go ahead and say, I forgot to take a picture of our bedroom. I always forget to take a picture of that room. It had a king bed and an opening to the balcony. Oh, and we had a sweet baby bed set up in there are well. Very romantic.

Here's a shot of the main living area. Sara Madalin loved that plant in the corner. Mainly because it had moss in the pot and if you read my blog much at all, you know she wants to marry moss she loves it so much. She wasn't there 5 minutes and I was already trying to put a barricade around that poor tree.

A shot from another angle. We didn't really watch that TV much.  Notice I had already moved everything on the shelves out of reach of a certain toddler.

This was our bathroom. Those intertwined cats kind of freaked me out a bit.

And what was Sara Madalin doing while I was taking a tour of the condo? Well, she wasn't touching Daddy's back pack. Cause she knows she's not supposed to do that. Even if she finds it on a hotel cart unattended.  Look at that grin. She knows she's been caught.

Here's the bathroom off the kitchen. It's also shared by the two guest bedrooms shown next.

Guest bedroom #1 with a double bed.

Guest bedroom #2 with a single bed. Perfect for a little boy of about 7 years old.

I brought a box of toys for Sara Madalin. While we unpacked the rest of the luggage and tried to get things in place, I let her play with this box of toys.

It took her about 30 seconds to find Mr. Duck. She loves him. Not as much as moss, but it's love, nonetheless. 

Once everything was unloaded and kind of in the general area that we would need it, I fed Sara Madalin so she could get ready for bed. As you can see by the position of my mouth, I try to help her in every way I can. When I feed her, I find myself opening MY mouth. 

Once she was fed, I took her to our room. While I made her bed and did a few other things, I just let her crawl around. She decided she'd be kind and unpack her suitcase for me. She's so thoughtful.

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David & Regina White said...

Wow, that condo is beautiful, almost as nice as "tha big house", ha! Glad you all had a great time. The photos are great!