May 29, 2009

Dinner With The In-Laws

Reagan called me this afternoon and told me we had received an invitation to meet Sara Madalin's future in-laws at Bonsai for dinner. All I heard was Bonsai and I was like, "Yes. Whoever it is, YES." I'm kidding. I was excited to see Nicki and Jonah, oh, and BROTHER DAN!!!! 

Here's Sara Madalin and her future mother-in-law and her "friend" Jonah. 

And here she is with Jonah and Brother Dan. Oh, what is that on your shirt Brother Dan? 

This is the first time we've seen the Glenns since Sara Madalin's baby dedication service. So, she really doesn't remember them. But you'd never know that from her reaction. I think she loved on Dan all night. Well, at least until the food came. Then we had to rethink things.

We had so much fun with Nicki and Dan. I LOVE them. They keep us laughing.  We only see them once or twice a year, but we keep up with them through email and on their blog. She was one of the few people that I actually talked to while we were at the hospital during Sara Madalin's birth. And I think she was one of only about 4 or 5 people that we actually told about the situation before we went up there. Think she likes our little girl?

Here we all are together. The people sitting in the area around us were probably glad that we left. Cause if my camera wasn't flashing, hers was. It was like the paparazzi were in Bonsai. Look at Jonah getting fresh with our girl. Daddy's going to have to have a little talk with him.

After such a big night, Sara Madalin was worn out. She fell asleep on the way home. When we got home I changed her into PJs and held her for a few minutes. She was asleep. . .  until I put her in her bed. Then she woke up and cried just a little. But it only lasted a minute or two (just long enough to make my heart hurt) and then she was asleep. Two nights in a row without a bottle. Here's our sweet girl sleeping in her new car seat. She really does like it.

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Paige said...

What a sweet picture in the car seat! Have a great weekend.

The Glenn Gang said...

WHAT FUN! We are so glad we got to see you and spend time together. I haven't even gotten my camera out of my purse so my post will come soon!

Love you all!

Katie (and Tony) said...

Uh-Oh! I think Sara Madalin may have some competition for Jonah....I have already started calling Grace, Grace Glenn...GG for short! What do you have? Maybe we should let the Glenn's decide? Hmmm...this could get serious.