May 11, 2009

Early Morning Surgery

Our little girl had an appointment really EARLY Monday morning to have tubes put in her ears. Don't let the smile (on my face) fool you, I am certainly not a morning person. Now, Sara Madalin on the other hand, she really was that happy. Well, when she first got up she wasn't so happy cause she couldn't have a bottle. But once we got to the surgical center and she had so much new stuff to look at, she was a curious and happy girl.

The first thing we did when we checked in was get her an I.D. anklet. She was fascinated by it.

Then we went back to her prep room to get dressed in her gown. She looked so cute. And she was ALL OVER the place. 

Then, Nurse Shellie came in and checked her temperature and heart rate.

Sara Madalin thought Nurse Shellie needed help with the heart monitor.

Then it was back to exploring. She kept trying to crawl over the back of the baby bed.

Just to prove that Daddy does attend events with us, here's a picture of him.

Then I had to hold her a bit before she went back to surgery. I was not eager at all for them to take my baby to surgery without me.  It reminded me that she's growing up - far too fast. There are going to be more and more things that she does and experiences without me. 

While I held her we talked about the anklet again. She loved that thing.

Then something behind our chair caught her eye and she was off again. She is so curious. And FEARLESS.

Her anesthesiologist came in and talked with us for a minute or two. I told him to please take care of my baby. 

And then, Nurse Becky came in and held out her arms. Sara Madalin went right to her and then they went off to surgery.

It only took about 20-30 minutes for the doctor to complete her surgery. Then he spoke with us a bit about her care and follow up. And finally I got to see my baby. She was so hungry. Look at how big she is getting.

She did wonderfully for the rest of the day. She ate and played and napped and ate and rode the 4 wheeler with Daddy and ate again. She had mashed potatoes for the first time Sunday afternoon. She has really started eating a lot lately - baby food, puffs, anything we'll give her. Here, she is finishing her second bottle before leaving the surgical center.

And guess what, she got a card in the mail this afternoon. It was from Aunt Brandi, Uncle Jeff, Elijah and Jeremiah. That was so sweet of them to send her a get well card. She seems to be doing really well. Thanks to everyone who prayed for her. 

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Rebecca Powers said...

I'm glad everything went well. You'll not regret getting this done! Both of my babies have been through it. :)

Courtney said...

So glad she is doing well.

David & Regina White said...

Yah! Glad the surgery went well! and glad she is doing so well so soon.

Jennifer said...

Awww such a trooper!

Melanie said...

Oh, I can't imagine either of my babies going in to surgery without me! That must have been so tough! I'm glad it went smoothly.

And to answer your question, yes - that is a Twilight book you spied on my counter! I have been SOOO addicted! I have read the entire series TWICE in the last month!!! My husband got me the movie for Mother's Day, too. He calls Edward my 'boyfriend'. Ha!

Charla (SHar-la) said...

She is SO cute! I can't get over that hair! I LOVE the pictures and I'm so glad all went well with the will be worth no more ear infections!

p.s. When you adopted Sara Madalin, did you go through an agency? If so, would you mind telling me which one and your thoughts about them. My email address is Thanks!