May 3, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Saturday morning Reagan and his friend, Dr. Tony, went fishing in our lake. They got started EARLY. So early that Reagan had to turn the lights on the porch on when Dr. Tony got there. I know that only because the lights were still on when I got up - AFTER THE SUN CAME UP!

They had a great time. Dr. Tony brought his boat and they rode all over the lake.

About 7:30 they came back to the house for breakfast. Dr. Tony brought breakfast and I cooked it. He brought fresh blueberries, with which I made blueberry waffles. He also brought fresh eggs from his hens. I scrambled about half of those. I also fried sausage. We had that with OJ and fresh ground coffee.  Then they went out again.

They also had an extra passenger in the boat with them - Taco. Reagan said she loved riding in the boat. 

Before they went back for more fishing, Reagan showed me one of the fish they had caught. They had a cooler in the boat to keep them in until they were finished for the day.

No sooner had they gone out, than Dr. Tony caught this fish. He ended up throwing it back in so it could eat the smaller fish.

Once they were done fishing, Dr. Tony showed Reagan how to filet a fish. He demonstrated on a couple fish, then Reagan did the rest of the fish.

Here's the pan of fish they caught. Not too bad for a few hours' work, huh? But guess who has to learn how to cook fish now? That would be me.

Oh, and what was Sara Madalin doing while the men were fishing and Mommy was photographing everything? She was sitting on the porch watching... with Papaw.

Bet you didn't see that one coming, did you Aunt Sue? Sara Madalin and I went and got my Daddy Friday afternoon and he came and spent the night with us. Sara Madalin loved seeing her Papaw and loving on him while he was here. She was so sweet. While he was holding her, she would just stroke his hand. Makes you want to eat her up, doesn't it?

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Paige said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Praying for Katelyn and her family.

Heather said...

Wow, great fishing! They caught so many fish! What a cute picture of Sara Madalin with her Papaw!

Regina and David said...

Is this your dad?? I have never seen a photo of him.

Sugar's Mommy said...

Yes, that's my Daddy. There have been pictures of him from right after Sara Madalin was born and at Christmas Maybe more, I'm not sure.