May 27, 2009

Looking at Things From a Different View

So, I think I mentioned that we got Sara Madalin a front facing car seat this week. She has gotten to the point where she HATES the rear facing seat. She has been screaming and crying and arching her back and twisting and . . .  well, let's just say, she hates that car seat. So, she's finally the right age and weight for a front facing seat. 

We sat it in the living room for a couple days until Reagan had a chance to read the manual for proper installation. While it was there, she took a chance to check it out.

Really, I think she was just trying to get my bag that was on the couch.

Look at that. Tell me she's not mischievous. 

Look very closely at that smile, because that's not the look she gave me when we tried to buckle her into the new seat Wednesday morning.

I'd say she was a little upset. Maybe it's not the "rear facing" part that she hates. Maybe it's the whole buckling in thing.

She calmed down a little once she realized she could see things differently than she's been able to in the past. But she's still not happy.

Maybe in a few days she'll enjoy it.

She and I had the best time Wednesday evening. Reagan hasn't been feeling well. He's had a fever and has been a bit achy. So, he was asleep on the couch. She and I went outside on the back porch. It was breezy and there was some thundering and just a small drizzle of rain. It felt really good out there. She played and I sang. When I'd stop singing she'd look at me and sing, well, her kind of singing, to let me know she was ready for me to start again. I also gave her a bottle and she went to sleep with us sitting out there. It was very peaceful. I think she really likes it here. And I know she likes the outdoors.

Oh, and a side note. Mrs. Gail and I are trying to get her off the bottle and on the cup. We're also trying to get her to drink regular milk. (Any tips would be appreciated.) She's so stubborn, she's not making it easy for us. She swats at our hands when we try to give her a cup. That's not going over well with me or Mrs. Gail. She's gotten the cup taken from her for that. When she does drink from it, she will only drink a few ounces at a time. Right now, she only gets a bottle from us when it's time for bed. Anyway, I guess gone are the days when she was just a pleasant, content little baby. Now she's a loud, stubborn, strong-willed child.  But she's a BEAUTIFUL loud, stubborn, strong-willed child. And  she's my child. (And Reagan's too.)

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Rebecca Powers said...

Love the carseat! They didn't make that print when I got Izzy our Britax seats. I did make the mistake of getting all pink seats though (I get seats for both vehicles), and now I'm paying for it because now I'm having to rebuy seats for the boys! :)

Once school is out I'm going to get those dresses sent to you. I hate the post office, but it'll be much easier for me to go by there when I am off for the summer.

The Glenn Gang said...

First of all, Jonah hated, I mean despised the sippy cup. We only found one he would use and that was the NUK. It was most like a bottle nipple and he took to it and we had to use them for a good year before he would use anything else.

We did the bottle cold turkey about three days after he turned one. The first night was A.W.F.U.L!!!!! I mean AWFUL!!!! By the fourth night there was no issue at all. The tears and begs broke my heart but I knew it had to be done.

My pediatrician told me that when I started the whole milk, if he wouldn't take it, to add some strawberry or chocolate syrup the first few times then slowly decrease the amount of flavoring until it is only milk.

Worked for us!

Anonymous said...

I was told to never put whole milk in a bottle, always put it in a sippy cup...and try starting with all formula in the sippy cup and then add whole milk an ounce at a if she takes 8 ounces of formula do 7 oz formula and 1 oz whole milk and decrease the formula and increase the milk an ounce at a time for a few days until it is all milk. That worked for allyson. breanna would never drink whole milk.


Katie (and Tony) said...

Love the car seat! I knew we were separated at birth...I have the same car seat for Grace! A hint, you might want to spray it with a stain guard to help repel stains. I did this with both of our car seats. Grace's does show some wear, but I haven't cleaned it yet either...

Heather said...

First off, hope your husband feels better soon. Also, love the pretty car seat, we also have a Britax and love it. I really thought she would like it better once she was higher up and could actually see. My daughter doesn't start getting upset until she's been stuck in it off and on torwards the end of running errands. Gia is 15 months and we are still giving her a bottle in the morning and night. She drinks water from a sippy cup for meals...but will NOT drink milk from it, no way, now how! Her pediatrician said for us to just start with the morning bottle and give it in the sippy cup, if she doesn't drink it then she doesn't drink it. And if she doesn't to add more dairy into her diet during the day. Great advice if Gia wasn't already a picky eater! I know exactly what you are going through right now...Gia is getting way more fresh with us, throwing her cup and taking her arm and swiping it along the whole tray to send all of her food flying to the frustrating! It's a good thing we love and adore her so very much. :) Good luck weaning her from the bottle!