May 2, 2009

New Toy

Sara Madalin got a new toy this week. Mrs. Kandi sent a push toy for her. Sara Madalin is pulling up and trying to walk a bit. We thought this might help her. It was sweet of Mrs. Kandi to let us use this toy.

She spent a few minutes checking it out carefully.

Then, she tried to do just what we thought she would. Only, it goes a little faster than her. Finally, she started pushing it while on her knees. I'll have to try and get some video. It's kind of funny. 

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Paige said...

So cute! She will be a busy girl when she masters walking!

Melanie said...

Thanks for the comment! We actually go to First Presbyterian in Jackson - not too far. We live by the Reservoir, so it's about a 20 minute drive.

Heather said...

lol, so cute! Watch out when she starts walking! She sounds like she is as curious as my little one and she is into everything now!