May 15, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Guest Room Edition

Here are a few pictures of our guest bedroom. The first picture was taken during the day. The room is located on the front of the house. It gets a lot of afternoon sun.

This bed was actually in our master bedroom in the old house. We still use our mattress in our master bedroom, but we use a different frame.

This picture was taken at night with the lamps on.

These prints were bought in Hawaii. They are photos taken by a Polynesian artist, Kim Taylor Reese. He's very popular in the islands of Hawaii. I have always really liked these prints.

A different view in the room.

This is the big window that faces the front of the house. I usually open these blinds in the day to let all the light in.

The ceiling fan. There are two things we are not lacking in this house - light and fans. There's one in each bedroom, two in the living room, two upstairs and one in the sunroom.

The closet has double doors on it. It's pretty big.

Now, this was a topic of much debate when we moved in. The room is a little small for ALL the furniture I was trying to move into it. So, I decided to move this chest of drawers ("chester drawers", if you're from MS) into the closet. There's plenty room for it and still have room for guests to hang their clothes. Reagan didn't want it in the closet.

It's in the closet.

And as always, any suggestions are welcome in making this room better. Jana has already suggested putting something in the base of the lamps. She said the room has a bit of a beachy feel and that I should use some seashell decorations. What do y'all think?

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Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...

If you want a splash of color or even just to soften the shells or provide a cushion inside the lamp you could use some tropical floral pieces.

This is a lovely room as is where any guest would feel relaxed and welcomed!

Katie (and Tony) said...

I love all of your objects! It sure does look like a comfy place to stay. Maybe I should make reservations? ha! I think the windows could use some window treatments. It looks like there might be about a foot of space btw the top of the window frame to the ceiling? So, I might take the rod/treatments close to the ceiling for a dramatic effect. The two pics above the bed are awesome! I love the Hawaii prints. However, they appear to be a bit small with the beautiful bed below. If you can get more (let's go to Hawaii!) or replace with a larger print, I think it might work better. The pics on either side of the window look like they are hung just a bit too high. Overall, I think you did a fabulous job!

I have an interior design degree, but I'm hoping Nicki trade her psychology one with me...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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