Jun 29, 2009

A Dog's Life

Sunday afternoon when we got to church, there was a puppy in the foyer of our church. We don't know if someone brought him and left him there, or if he was in the parking lot and wandered in during some of our members coming in. But he stayed there all during Discipleship class time. During church, it started whining. One of the men in the church got up during service and went out to calm the little guy down. Well, it's no surprise who ended up with the dog after church. Sue. She is an animal lover. She was walking around with it while I was in the kitchen feeding Sara Madalin. (Daddy had a meeting and she was eating while we waited on him.) When Sue walked in with that puppy, Sara Madalin went crazy. So Sue let her pet him. It was a sweet puppy. Sara Madalin put her fingers all in his eyes and nose and he never fussed. It was so funny.

Sue tried to get us to take him home with us, but I told her, "No more dogs at our house. " Poor Taco is already a nervous wreck. I don't need another traumatized dog in our home.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dog. I would have taken him home but my cats would have had a fit.

Heather said...

Awww...look at that face! She has the sweetest smile, those pictures of her and the puppy are so cute!