Jun 6, 2009

Fast-Pitch Softball, Here We Come

Reagan and I have talked about how we want Sara Madalin to be" well-rounded". We want, as most parents do, to expose her to as much as we can in hopes that it will help her discover her likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses, talents and gifts. We want her to see and participate in new things, not to overwhelm her or get her involved in everything under the sun, but to encourage her to explore and do what she likes and what she's good at.

I have to admit, for those who can't tell by having read our blog already, I'm partial to exposing her to the girly things. I could, personally, care less if she enjoys 4-wheeler riding and fishing. I'd rather see her in a beauty pageant or taking gymnastics. But there is one thing that's not too girly that I kind of hope she enjoys and shows an interest in. That one thing is softball. (I know. Shocking.) To be completely honest, it's not because I was particularly athletic as a child or teenager. I did play softball (pitcher and short-stop) in a summer league in junior high, but I didn't continue as I got older. (For a number of reasons WAY beyond my control.) I've wished so many times that I could have and would have played in high school. Anyway, I want so badly for Sara Madalin to like it and play. Not that I want to MAKE her, but I do hope she moves in that direction. 

So, needless to say, when we went to Mitch's baseball game a few weeks ago, and she acted interested in it, I got a little excited. I called my friend, Jackie, and told her about it. See, Jackie is ALL ABOUT softball. She's played her entire life. At school, in summer leagues, in college - any chance she gets, she plays. She's about to begin her first year as a high school coach. And she even gives private lessons. Yeah, she's pretty good. So, she's an ally, to put it mildly. Anyway, I called her and told her about Sara Madalin's reaction. Well, guess what she got Sara Madalin for her birthday. See for yourself ... 

Yeah, I know. I had no idea they made t-ball sets for "9 months+". That's what it said on the box. So, as Sara Madalin was opening baby dolls and purses at her birthday party, in the middle of all that was this t-ball set. And I have to admit, I was a little excited about it. 

Look at this girl reaching with her LEFT hand for that ball. Mitch bats left handed. Maybe she will too. And I think she's going to be a pitcher. A mother knows these things.

And look how comfortable she is with the bat. 

Left handed again...

I can almost guess what she's thinking, "I wonder when Miss Jackie can fit me in for a private lesson?"

Oh, I'm so excited about this. If we start practicing now, do you think she'll be ready for a t-ball team next summer? No pressure or anything. I'm not going to be THAT kind of mom. ;-)

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Penny said...

You're so funny! Love the last one of Sara Madalin. I met Nicki Glenn, in the flesh, at a wedding last weekend (we live in the same town) and we got to talking about blogging. She said they had just had dinner with some good friends that blog--- yes, she was talking about you! I told her I'd already seen the pictures of that dinner on your blog! She said the blogging world gets smaller and smaller. My daughter was the one who saw Nicki's blog first and has been reading it since Jonah was born. Then, we founds yours through theirs and have been following yours since SM was tiny. I told Nicki how much I enjoy reading about Jonah and SM, especially your adoption testimony. =)

Paige said...

Love the photos! She's a natural.