Jun 5, 2009

Flashback Friday #18

One of my most favorite things about Summer as a child was going to Vacation Bible School. Every Summer we'd go to First Baptist Church VBS, then to the Methodist church's VBS program, then maybe even to another, smaller church's VBS. It was like a VBS tour. But it kept us busy. And we had the best time. VBS was where I first leaned to sing, "The B-I-B-L-E, Yes, That's the Book for me. . . " And oh, the sugar cookies I ate. You know, the ones that look like flowers with a hole in the middle. Yeah, every church had those for snack, along with red kool-ade. VBS was fun. My favorite part was always Friday night when we'd have our program. We'd sing and say our pledge of allegiance to the American flag, Christian flag, and Bible. And we'd sing some more. Then, we'd take our parents back to our class so they could meet our teacher (whom they already knew because they'd grown up together in that very same town) and we could collect all our crafts from the week. Crafts like popsicle sticks painted and glued together to make a cross.

I was so excited when I was in high school and I was finally old enough to help teach a class. I never taught at my church, because our church was so small that we never had VBS. But the ladies at FBC Braxton always included me and my sister, Brandi, in their list of helpers each summer. They were so sweet to us and ministered to us in so many ways. And in their own way, taught us the importance of ministering in the community in which we live.

As an adult, I've taught at VBS for a number of years. I usually teach the missions class at our church. I have enjoyed it so much. This year I won't be teaching. I am taking a couple of graduate level classes and I have a timing conflict. I plan to be there every morning to take pictures (SURPRISING, I know) but I will have to leave too early for me to be involved in teaching. Since it's that time of year, I thought I would take the next few Fridays and look back at some of the most recent years of VBS at our current church. Some of these photos aren't the best quality. It was before I really did anything but point and click. Wait, that's all I do now. So, I guess I have no excuse for the poor quality of the following pictures. Anyway, here's a look back at VBS 2005.

This is me and my nephew, Elijah. The theme for 2005 was a beach theme. The t-shirts for that year (we always have t-shirts) were tie-dyed with a fish on them and our church name. I still have this shirt. I take it on EVERY mission trip I go on for some reason.

Decorating classrooms is a big deal at VBS. Growing up, I don't remember that being the case. But at our church, it's one of my favorite things to see how creative some of the teachers can be with their decorations. This particular year, because it was a beach theme, I decorated my room like the beach at night. I had a wave soundtrack playing as the students entered the room. I had black paper on all the walls. On the paper I had glow in the dark stars. And I had candles lit through out the room for some light. In the center of the room, I had a stack of wood, for our beach bon-fire. Underneath the wood I had a little push button light, like you would stick in a closet or under a cabinet. On the light I taped red crepe paper. So, when I pressed the light to come on, it gave off a red glow. Underneath the wood it was supposed to look like red coals in the fire. So, they came in to a dark room with a fire in the middle and glow in the dark stars all over the walls. And then, I had a flashlight that I used as I talked. Around the room, as you can see from one or two of the pictures, I had beach animals and floats and things you would find at the beach.

Here are some photos of some of the children. It's not nearly all of them. It's funny looking at these. Some of these children are in high school now.

On Fridays the children and teachers all practice for the commencement service Friday night. After practice, we have a water day outside with slides and a dunking booth and such. They also have hotdogs and chips. Here they are practicing one of their songs. I love seeing them all up there like that.

Notice the "boogie boards" with the letters A, B, and C. Each year the children learn the A, B, C's of becoming a Christian. Admit that you're a sinner. Believe that Christ can forgive you of your sins. And Confess your sins to Him and you'll be saved. That's the lessons I want Sara Madalin to learn from an early age. That's why she'll be in VBS every year I'm able to take her, beginning this year. Our prayer is that the A, B, C's are real to her as a young child.

Next week, I've got a few pictures from 2006. That year's theme was the "Arctic Edge." Brrrrrr!!

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Jan Norris said...

That is really neat.

Heather said...

Great pictures...love the straw hat you have on in that one with your nephew. Those cookies must be a church thing because they had those at the one I went to back when I was little (and I grew up in N.H.). I used to love Sunday school.

Paige said...

What fun!! Oh the VBS stories I think we all can share.