Jun 12, 2009

Flashback Friday #19

Last week I started a mini-series of posts where I'll be looking back at Vacation Bible School in recent years past. Last week I looked at 2005. In 2006 our theme was "The Arctic Edge - Where Adventure Meets Courage." Every classroom was decorated as if we were in the Arctic. Some classrooms were lodges, like Mrs. Deborah's below, with her fireplace in the corner.

And some looked like the Arctic outdoors, like Mrs. Cheryl's class. She always decorates so creatively. Here, the 5th & 6th grade girls look like they are camping in the frigid outdoors. They have a tent and a fire. And she also made "snow shoes" for them to wear as they ventured from classroom to classroom.

The next couple photos are of our kitchen staff during VBS. Each year, our Senior Adult ladies take care of refreshments for the VBS attendees. They have it down to a science. Someone goes around to all the classes and counts the number of children in each class. Then, for each student, the ladies prepare a ziploc bag of snacks. All the bags for that class are put into a box or aluminum pan, along with cups and kool-ade. As the class comes into the gym or goes outside for refreshment time, they get their container of snacks. The lady on the right, Mrs. Mary Catherine, passed away this past year. This will be our first VBS without her. She kept our kitchen in order for every homecoming, funeral, church dinner - anything that required food, she was on top of it. We all miss her.

And every day of VBS, for as long as I can remember, snacks have consisted of Goldfish crackers and peanut butter and Ritz crackers. Every now and then there may be some Cheetos or a cookie thrown in along with that. But it's ALWAYS Goldfish crackers and peanut butter and Ritz crackers. Here are the ladies preparing the crackers. I admire their faithfulness. 

Is this not the epitome of VBS? The pledge of allegiance. 

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K Storm said...

Artic Edge was an interesting VBS theme year in the deep south, wasn't it? I found it much easier to dress for the Outrigger Island theme. ;)

So great that you have a good group of volunteers for VBS. I know you will miss your friend this year though.