Jun 19, 2009

Flashback Friday #20

In 2007 our VBS theme was "Game Day Central" and everything was sports themed. We learned about how sports are used to win people to Christ. Oh, it was fun.

The first day I dressed like a baseball player. I had my VBS shirt on with a pair of my brother-in-law's baseball pants and a baseball cap. Here's me and Mrs. Mary Catherine. I convinced her to let me put that black stuff under her eyes. She was such a good "sport."

Here's me with a couple of my Sunday school girls - Elizabeth and Anna. I've loved these little girls since they were in the nursery. Elizabeth is as tall as me now.

The second day I wore a San Antonio Spurs t-shirt. Here I am with Elijah. This year will be his first year not to attend VBS at my church. He's old enough to go to camps with his church. Since I'm not teaching at VBS, he decided to go to his camps and pass on VBS.

Mrs. Peggy, our resident hostess, sets up a refreshment room just for the VBS teachers and workers each year. She has something other than Goldfish crackers and peanut butter Ritz crackers. There's always something good to eat in here. And she decorates using the VBS theme for inspiration. She's where I got the idea for the flip-flop cookies for Sara Madalin's birthday party. She did them a few years ago during a beach-themed VBS. She also does goodies bags for all the workers. It's so encouraging to come in here for a little break.

Here's Shelly with the youngest VBS attendees. This is the nursery crew going for a ride in the Bye-Bye-Buggy. Aren't they precious?

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The Glenn Gang said...

NICE playground behind you in the 2nd picture. Is that at Harmony?

Katie (and Tony) said...

I want to come to VBS just for Miss Peggy's spread...Wow! you guys take this very seriously. I am impressed!

K Storm said...

I really liked that theme...it was fun! Great pictures of you and the others...