Jun 25, 2009

For the Love of the Game

Hey y'all. It's been a few days. I had to take a little blogging break because I had a 12-page research paper, a 36-page public relations campaign and a 2-hour final exam that took precedence over the pretty pictures I put out here for my friends and family to look at. Oh, but you don't want to know where I've been, you just want pictures of Sara Madalin. Well, here she is.

Yeah, that's the t-ball set. I told y'all she loves that toy.

You may notice, we've forgone the whole play yard concept. She just doesn't like the confinement of the play yard. Truth be told, she doesn't like the confinement of the HOUSE, much less anything smaller. So, we stretch the sides of the yard out from one wall to the other in hopes of at least keeping her in the living room area. (Yeah, that doesn't always work either.) So, now she has access to her toys and still has room to roam. Well, any time she does get bored enough to venture over to the toys, she seems to be drawn to the t-ball toy that Jackie gave her for her birthday.

Talk about loving a toy... look at her in that picture above. And she knows exactly what that bat is for. Reagan said he saw her crawl across the room one morning, get the bat, crawl back to the stand and start hitting it with the bat.

She's a fast learner. It's a good thing too, seeing as how Jackie and I had lunch earlier this week and we've already planned out her entire softball career. Yeah, we think it's best if she waits until the Spring of her 4th birthday. She'll be a little young the Spring before. So, she'll start at 3-years-old, almost 4. We never could really decide whether she'd play in a league south of Jackson, in South Jackson, or North Jackson. We tossed around the pros and cons of all. I'm not kidding. We had a serious conversation about this. Well, as serious as either of us can be when we're talking about a 13-month-old's softball career. Anyway, after t-ball and buddy ball and all those other smaller leagues, we felt she'd be ready to play for Prep once she's in junior high school. Not that Jackie is a fan of Prep, but she does agree that they have a good softball program. And she's got to be in a good high school program to be recruited by a great college program. Anyway, back to the plan, once she's in high school, with Jackie's private lessons, we're sure she'll be a star player. It will just be a matter of time before Auburn or some other big school comes to watch her play. Jackie said I'll be the mom in the stand yelling and cheering and not even know what I'm yelling and cheering about. She's right.

That's about as far as we got with the plan. So, I have told Sara Madalin she needs to keep practicing and make her Mommy and Miss Jackie proud.

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Anonymous said...

Look at how cute she is. Great pictures Mommy.