Jun 14, 2009

It's Tough Being a Woman. . .

I have to share what some of the ladies at my church are doing. We've started Beth Moore's study on the book of Esther. I can't speak for everyone else, but I am having a wonderful time in this study.

Each week, Beth gives us a topic in relation to why it's so tough to be a woman. Last week, we studied about how it's tough being a woman in the shadow of another woman. This past week, we talked about the time during which Esther and the other young virgins came for beauty treatments before meeting the king. The topic was "It's Tough Being a Woman, When Beauty is a Treatment." So, me and my favorite assistant, Sheryl, decided we'd do something fun for our ladies. We turned our Bible study room into a little day spa. We called it the "Whole Megillah" Day Spa. Beth explains what the "whole megillah" means in the study. And just so you'll have something to peak your interest, I won't tell you what it means. Sheryl made a sign for our door.

As everyone entered, we had soft music playing and the lights were off. We all took our shoes off. We had a few soft rugs thrown around on the floor. We had some light refreshments, water, and candles.

We also had a give-away. It was a basket filled with at-home beauty supplies. The basket contained bath beads, lotions, soaps, nail polish, a face mask and flip flops. My friend (Sara Madalin's Sunday school teacher), Stacey, won the basket of goodies. 

We had a great time of sharing and study. We discussed how the young women must have felt to be placed in such a competition - a competition that decided their entire future. We also talked about the integrity and wisdom of Esther. How she started her life as basically no one - an orphan reared by her Jewish uncle - and she became somebody. (That was also the message brought by our visiting preacher today. How God can take someone who feels worthless, and can turn them into someone He can use for great things. Isn't it great how God works?) We also talked about the wisdom she showed by trusting her counselors. While all the other young women were asking for special clothes and favors and jewelry, Esther asked her counselors - those who were wiser than she - to guide her and direct her before she met the king. Oh, it's been so good. I can't wait to start this next week's lesson.

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K Storm said...

I really liked that study...it helped me deal with some of the things I was struggling with and feeling I had been put in a situation through strange circumstances.

I LOVE the spa idea for that week...you are such creative ladies!!

Charla (SHar-la) said...

WOW! I wish I was in your Bible Study! :) That is awesome! I've heard great things about Esther and I' sure its just as good as all of Beth's other studies! Yay for all of you!

p.s. Did you ever come get your award from my blog? I can't remember if I ever told you about it or not! Anyway, it's there if you want it!

Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...

How on earth did I miss this post?
Oh, I remember now...I was at Student Life camp with 42 youth!! I hope you are finding Esther to be a blessing. It was wonderful for our ladies!!! Love to you and sweet Sara Madlyn!