Jun 30, 2009

Our Big Helper

I don't want to give away too much, but we are in the process of re-decorating one room in our house. (And before I get any emails, no, we're not getting ready for another child.) I hope to have it finished later this week and I'll post some pictures and details on what I'm doing. But Monday night I started prepping the walls and the room for some of the things I'm doing. Well, I can do NOTHING as long as Sara Madalin is awake unless she's confined to a chair or her play yard. Since we were in another room, we decided to put her in her high chair so she could watch us. She didn't like being confined, but once I gave her a piece of painter's tape, she was completely quiet.

She'd wad the tape up and chew on it awhile. Then she'd hand it to me so I'd give her a fresh piece. How would I get anything done without help from this sweet girl?

By the way, she's walking. She's walking a good bit. She took her first few steps Saturday afternoon. She saw my silver sequined shoes on the floor and she took a few steps toward them. Then, Monday night she walked for "M's". That's what we call M&M's. She gets them in swimming lessons when she does something new. So, we tried it with walking. (Don't judge me for using chocolate to coax my daughter.) I'd hold out about a quarter of an "M" and she'd walk for it. She walked without the enticement by the end of the evening. I've tried to upload video to blogger lately and can't get it to work. If I can get it to work, I'll upload it so you can see her. She's going, going gone......

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Courtney said...

Glad to hear she is walking. It is amazing what will keep kids busy!

Elizabeth said...

My daughter Macy used to call M&M's "M's" too! Too cute. Yeah...for Madeline walking! Your like is o-v-e-r..Haha!