Jun 7, 2009

Our Sunday Ritual

Every Sunday we have a ritual. We try to arrive at church about 15 minutes before Sunday school starts. We do this because Sara Madalin has to make her rounds and greet all her friends. We walk down the hall and speak to everyone we pass. But our main destination is the Sunday school class of our Senior adult ladies. We have to visit them so they can see what she's wearing, and oh and ah over her hair. If we're out for a Sunday, visiting somewhere else, or sick, we have to let someone know. Because this is part of her Sunday morning routine, I wanted to take a picture and make a post about it so when I tell her about it one day, she can see all the little ladies that loved her.

In this first picture is Mrs. Eva and Mrs. Ann. We've posted pictures of Mrs. Ann many times before. I was holding her tonight and several people walked by talking to her. She would smile at them, but she never acted like she wanted to go to anyone. Then, suddenly, she put her arms out toward someone behind me. I turned and saw that it was Mrs. Ann. I told one of the other people standing next to me, "Mrs. Ann trumps everyone." She would have gone home with Mrs. Ann if I'd let her.

Here she is with all the little ladies in their Sunday school class. These are sweet ladies who love the Lord. I'm so glad that I've had them in my life and now in Sara Madalin's.

Another part of our Sunday morning ritual is going to Sunday school. Sara Madalin's teacher is Mrs. Stacey. Sara Madalin will nearly jump out of my arms when we go in there. I think Mrs. Stacey is pretty high on the list too, right under Mrs. Ann.

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Heather said...

what sweet pictures!

Anonymous said...

Those sweet ladies, especially Ms Gertrude, love little Sara Madalin. She tells me that the "Sweet Baby" comes to her S.S. Class every week. Sara Madalin is
ministering to these special ladies at a very young age.
Pat F.