Jun 15, 2009

Pool Time

We bought a $6 pool at Kroger Saturday afternoon. Sunday, after church, we inflated it, sat it on the back porch, and put a little water in it. This is what happened next.

I think someone had a good time. And since it's small enough to fit on the back porch, she can play as long as she wants and stay out of the sun. I'd say it was worth $6.

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Melanie said...

I bought a little splash pool for Evelyn this weekend, too! Mine was over double the price of yours, though. The $15 may break me! :)

Ashlee McCrary said...

yeah I'd say she loved it! I love her swimsuit too! Rylie used to have it but the colors bled in the wash =(

Ms. Shirley said...

She is happy no matter what she is doing!! So precious!