Jun 13, 2009

That's a Wrap

We wrapped up our first official session of Kindermusik Friday evening. And our sweet girl has had the best time in there. I've enjoyed seeing her learn about music and interact with the other children. I've been concerned at times. She is pretty aggressive, as I've mentioned. But she is also so social and loving when she wants to be. She was so comfortable with all the other parents. When we'd get there every night, she'd just crawl over to them and love on them. I know some people think that taking her to these classes and swimming lessons is a little silly. Maybe even something that is unnecessary. But I think these classes are well worth it. She not only learns her strengths and likes. She's also learning how to interact socially, which is very important. I'm so glad we have the opportunity to attend these classes. Now, here are a few more photos from her class this week.

Wednesday night we played marachas. (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong.) Of course, Sara Madalin had to pull every maracha was out of the basket. 

We also played with more balls. These were prickly. But, hey, they were balls. And that's all she cares about.

She got to help Mrs. Mandy pick up the "swing" as we cleaned up. She likes to help.

Thursday night, we "traveled" to the beach. We got to play with more balls and with drums. I think Sara Madalin liked this night the best. She was so happy and loving the whole night.

She fell in love with Kinsley's mother, Mrs. Ginger. Every night, she would crawl all over Mrs. Ginger. Thursday night, she and Hazel both climbed into Mrs. Ginger's lap at the same time.

And then they started loving each other. It was so sweet. THIS is why I want to expose her to new things and new people. I want her to meet people and learn to care for those around her. 

She also loved on Mrs. Ginger and Kinsley. 

Then we were on to more serious stuff, like rice in water bottles. Who knew something so simple could be so entertaining? That girl shook those two bottles until Mrs. Mandy started singing, "It's time to put the toys away."

We also played with drums. This drum had pellets in it. When you roll them around, they sound like waves. She was obviously fascinated with how that worked. 

Friday night it was just Kinsley and Sara Madalin. Mrs. Mandy also brought her little girl, Laura Claire. They took turns "swinging."  Here's Kinsley. She looks so relaxed.

Sara Madalin even played along. The other nights, she wasn't that interested. It was just too confining for her. But she actually acted like she liked swinging Friday night. I think she was tired.

And here's Miss Laura Claire. She was so cute and funny. She would bounce and squeal to the music. She enjoyed the swing too. 

Now, for a little video. These were both taken Friday night. the first is Sara Madalin getting her groove on to "Mama Paquita." You can see, she was getting sleepy.

This second video is of her swinging. The other girls were funny. While Sara Madalin was swinging, they were crawling under her. 

We both had so much fun this week. I can't wait until her next class. It will be several months. I'll be sure and post pics and videos when she starts the class.

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The Glenn Gang said...

I'm with you! Expose her to all you can! (and then blog about it all!) ha