Jun 14, 2009

Twelve Month Check-Up

Sara Madalin had her twelve month check-up on Friday. Since getting tubes, she has been such a different child. She eats well. She is so active. VERY active. Incredibly active. Did I mention SHE'S ACTIVE? Anyway, I was excited about seeing how much weight she'd gained and whether her ears looks better and so forth.

As we went back to the exam room we passed the scales where she's always weighed. It was funny to see her. She reached out toward them. The nurse and I laughed when we realized she (Sara Madalin) remembered that she was supposed to be put on there. But, first I needed to change her diaper and do a few other measurements. She's 30 inches long. (I am only 59 inches tall.) And she weighs a little over 20 lbs. THAT was a shock. I could almost swear she weighs at least 30 lbs. Here she is being weighed. Remember the first time I posted a picture of her on these scales? She's changed so much.

After she was weighed and measured, we waited for Dr. R.  Of course, that gave her plenty time to shred the paper on the table. 

When the doctor came in, she whined just a little. Another memory. I guess she remembers, "When I see him, he puts things in my ear and throat. And I get shots." But she warmed up after a minute and they played some. He said everything looks great and that we couldn't ask for a healthier, more social baby. Yeah, she charmed him a bit while we were there. He said she's doing great in every aspect. He asked about her eating and sleeping habits. I told him that we'd taken her off the bottle and that she only drinks from a cup. She will drink a little juice, but really not much. She prefers whole milk. Occasionally, she'll drink some water. She eats 4 oz. of baby food mixed with 1/4 C. of rice cereal in the mornings, with just a few sips of milk. She has a snack around 9:30 with some milk. Lunch with milk. Another snack. Milk. Then at dinner, she will eat 8-12 oz. of food. Usually she has a protein, a vegetable and a fruit. Then more milk before bed. He said, "So, basically, she eats most anything you give her?" I said, "Yes, almost." Mrs. Gail and I have found that she's stubborn about a few things. He asked if we were feeding her table food. I said that we'd tried a few things. She likes eggs, cantalope, watermelon, mac-n-cheese, butter beans, and mashed potatoes. He said that we could try to feed her anything that's not too tough for her to chew, or that's not too spicy. 


When we met Daddy after Kindermusik for dinner at Jarros, guess what she tried? Rice. Want to know if she liked it? See for yourself.

Yeah, she liked it. Which is a good thing. We eat here about once a week. She'd already eaten her food and was still wanting more rice.

So, our baby is growing up. And she's healthy. And she's right on track socially. He said she's actually a little ahead in the talking area. I told him that she says a few words (Da-da, dog, ball, duck. And I think she said Gail a few times.) He said that's great. Who could ask for more?

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