Jun 18, 2009

Under Construction

I came home one afternoon last week and found this...

I IMMEDIATELY called Reagan and told him, "Honey, we have got a SERIOUS fire ant problem! There are HUGE fire ant beds ALL OVER the yard."

No, just kidding.

Reagan had called me before I got home and told me that Nick and some of his guys were dumping dirt to fill in some low spots in our yard. So, when I got home I saw all these piles of dirt. Earlier this week, they came back and leveled out a few areas. They also began to build me a circle driveway that I wanted in front of the house.

While they were out there working, Reagan called me and asked how it looked. I said, "It looks like dirt."

So, there's lots going on around here. I'm glad to see a few things taking shape. There's much more to do. I'll keep you updated as things are done. Cause I know y'all want to look at pictures of our dirt.

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Lynn said...

Malinda, you are too funny. You crack me up.
Love ya