Jun 1, 2009

What's Summer Without a Little Watermelon?

It wouldn't be summer in MS without some Smith county watermelon. It is, so I'm told, the BEST watermelon you'll ever eat.  (With Simpson county watermelon coming in at a close second.) Many people in MS believe watermelon grown in Smith county is different than any other watermelon you can buy. During the Summer, you will see trucks parked outside convenience stores, or on the sides of the road, with hand painted signs advertising the fact that the watermelons they are selling have been grown in Smith county. So, of course, being Summer, we bought us some watermelon. We had Fifth Sunday Fellowship at church this weekend with dinner and singing, and Reagan cut up our watermelon for us to carry. Now, Reagan may cut up watermelon a little different than some people. It's because, on our last mission trip to Honduras a few years ago, a little Honduran woman, named Blanca, taught him how to cut it correctly.  Now, every time we buy watermelon, he cuts it up for me. And I'm glad. It's messy.

Anyway, here's how he was taught to cut up a watermelon. He cuts the ends off so that he has two flat ends. Then he peels the rind from he sides.

Once he's peeled it, he cuts it into small cubes that are easy to handle and eat. Sara Madalin watched over the whole process to be sure he was doing everything correctly. Actually, she watched because she thought she might get a few pieces.  She was wrong.

But when she got to church, she found someone who would feed her a little watermelon. . . Mrs. Ann.

Actually, after she finished eating watermelon with Mrs. Ann (I only let her eat a couple small pieces), she found someone else with a little more watermelon.

Miss Annie fed her a couple more small bites.  I'm glad she likes fruit. 

She was so funny at church Sunday. She goes to EVERYONE that passes by. She'll go from us to someone, then from them to someone else. Reagan looked at me during church and said, "You know, she's really not our child." I asked what he meant. He said, "She's everybody's little girl." And in a way, she is. She is so loved by all these people. Not that other babies in our church are not loved. But she loves everyone back. A lot of babies are partial to those in their family. Not her. We're her family, but on Sundays we're just her ride to church. Once she's there, she forgets about us until it's time to go home. She doesn't shy away from anyone. She's not one of those babies that is afraid of someone because of the way they look or how they dress. She loves everyone. And loves ON everyone. She reminds us to stop looking at the outward appearance and look at their heart. The people that many people try to avoid at church, are the ones who need her hugs and smiles the most. It's the sweetest thing to see one of the Senior adult ladies holding her, and she'll just cuddle up to them. They love it. She thinks that everyone that passes her is supposed to speak to her. I'm just so glad she's such a sweet, loving, social little girl. God has truly blessed us with her. And He uses her to bless so many people around her. So many times, as adults or those who've been Christians for a while, we begin to pick and choose who we minister to and who we care for in the church. Not this little girl. She loves everyone that she sees. And she smiles at everyone. Everyone is the same to her. Now, she does have a few favorites, I won't lie. But she doesn't frown at, cry, or shy away from anyone that we've seen so far. 

Finally, here she is after loving everyone at church. She was so tired. She was sleep about two minutes after we left church. It takes a lot of work being so entertaining and social. But she enjoys her job and does it well.

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Baylee's Mommy said...

The last picture is precious and I just love her girly carseat.

Paige said...

Precious photo! She is getting so big.


she's so cute watching him cut watermelon! what a sweet lovable little sara madalin!