Jul 6, 2009

Balloon Festival - 4th of July

Last year we started what has become a tradition for our family. (If you can call doing something twice a tradition.) We pack our bags and our car and we head north to Canton for their annual balloon festival.

Here's Sugar right before we left the house. She suddenly decided she would wear her sunglasses. And she is growing into SUCH a ham. She does things intentionally to make us laugh.

When we got to the festival, I put her shades back on her. She wore them from our car all the way over to where we set up our blanket and chair. She was so funny. She'd look at everyone we passed to be sure they saw her in her shades. Then she'd smile at them.

She looked at us every now and then to be sure we saw her. And to see if we were laughing at her along with everyone else.

It was extremely hot out there. We got there around 6:00 p.m. When she saw us drinking water from our bottles, she decided she'd like a little water from her cup too.

For a short while, she stayed close to me. That lasted all of about 10 minutes. When we let wander off the blanket, she was gone and she didn't want to come back.

We enjoy this event because there are so many families there - many with small children.

We were in the area closest to where the balloons take off. There are people everywhere. I didn't really walk around and take pictures. I'll have to keep that in mind for next year.

Not long after we arrived Aunt Jana showed up. She works with one of the balloon teams. Here's a picture of Jana and Sara Madalin.

And without the shades.

Not only are there families and children, there's also pets. And if there is one thing this girl loves, it is an animal. She made her way to him and petted him.

Then, she decided he needed a hug. Good thing it was a mild tempered dog.

Then she sat on someone else's blanket and talked to a little boy that we didn't know. She is a social butterfly. Where ever we go, she meets someone new, which means we meet someone new too.

Here we all are as the balloons were being inflated.

We actually got to see a few balloons take off.

Sara Madalin had a great view. She was so curious about the balloons. Reagan walked out there with her so she could see what all was going on on the field.

I went too - sans shoes.

More pretty balloons.

She just couldn't take it all in. She loves new things.

It was so neat to see how quickly the balloons rise.

We also got to see Jana's parents, Mr. Steve and Mrs. Marsha. We haven't seen them since Christmas. Sara Madalin has grown so much since then. They are so sweet. Mrs. Marsha held Sara Madalin for a few minutes. Reagan said that after I went back to our blanket, Sara Madalin watched Mrs. Marsha intently as they set up the bumble bee balloons.

Jack-in-the-Box - this balloon is HUGE.

After walking around and playing so much, Sara Madalin and I enjoyed a funnel cake. She would just stand there at my knees with her mouth open. It was one of those moments that reminded of the dreams I had of being a mother before she arrived. I'd see mothers feeding their children off their plate and I would honestly be sad because I wanted someday to that - something so simple, yet so affectionate. Well, I got my wish. Now, I can't eat a cracker without this little girl wanting a bite, and I'm so thankful for that. In case I've never mentioned it, I really like being her Mommy.

She's a little impatient, this one. She wanted more funnel cake almost as soon as I could pinch off a piece and put it in her mouth.

I made sure she didn't fill up on funnel cake. I also fed her two jars of baby food. She did a little light reading while she ate. She likes to multi-task like her mother. (A-hem.)

We had a great time. I noticed some of the other children. There was one little boy beside us who obviously was going through Terrible Twos or something like it. His mom chased him the entire time they were there. He would just run. In circles. Across the field. Just run for no reason. And I kept thinking, "Sara Madalin will be two this time next year." Again, another part of being a mother is running when they run. I'm holding on to the hope that chasing her will help me lose a few pounds. (Regular commenters, don't destroy that hope for me, please.)

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Melanie said...

One of these years we will make it to Canton on the 4th. I really want to go!

Courtney said...

Looks like you had a great time. Her outfit is too cute and the sunglasses are the perfect accessory! My nephew is 19 months and he fell in love with the funnel cake this weekend too!

K Storm said...

What a fun day! As close as we are to Canton we have never been to that! We may have to next year.

Ms. Kid Magnet said...

What a fun festival! I wish we had a Balloon Festival close to me. Your girl is just too cute with her shades on!! :)

Penny said...

Sara Madalin sounds exactly like my 2 1/2 yr. old granddaughter. I did a post on her, if you want to see what you're getting into. It's all good, so don't be scared! LOL
You don't take anything for granted with your baby and relish every moment! That is why I LOVE reading your blog! =)

Ashlee McCrary said...

I love her sunglasses! She's so sweet hugging the puppy! Hot air balloons are so neat to watch! I wish we had something like that here!