Jul 30, 2009

The Bama Breeze - Our Guest Room Make Over

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we were re-decorating our guest room with a beach theme. I had a few people who offered their suggestions and sent me links to various websites. While I appreciate that, I had already found help from a new blogging friend, Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. I've been reading Rhoda's blog for about a year. I love her style. I've seen her house in photos and thought, "That looks so good together. How did she think to place those things like that?" She's good at putting things together that I wouldn't have thought to put together, but when she puts it together it fits. It works. And she is a Southern Belle, which is probably REALLY why I like her. And she's thrifty, which is one reason Reagan likes her.

Anyway, I've been reading her blog and wishing I knew her in real life so that she could help me decorate this house we've recently moved into. Well, guess what. I was looking more closely at her blog and saw that she offers online consultations. You just send her pictures of your room with the dimensions and your budget, pay a small fee, and she'll put together ideas for you. She'll even look around on-line and show you where to buy things. I was all over that.

Now, we've not lived here long, so it's not like we HAVE to re-do things. I like the colors on the walls. They are neutral. And the "bones" of this house, as Reagan and I call it, are great. But if I've said it once, I've said it a dozen times, I'm a girl who likes a little color - on my walls and in my life. And while I'm so blessed and pleased with this house, I am like any other woman - I have a need to make it MY HOME. I have to put a little bit of me into it.

So, Reagan gave me the go-ahead and we decided we'd start with a small room first. I sent Rhoda a few pictures of our guest room. Here are a couple of the "before" pictures I sent her.

Looking into the room from the door.

The dresser

The closet - from the side opposite the door

So, I sent her those pictures and a few more. I also sent her some details on what all was in there, such as the window sizes, the ceiling heights, and kind of what I wanted. I knew I wanted a beach feel, but I wanted it to be sophisticated. I love the beach. I love the colors, the sounds, the smell. And I love the relaxation and laid-back atmosphere of the beach. I could go to the beach (before Sara Madalin) and lie there for hours. My hope was that we could recreate that feeling in this room. Rhoda said she would put a few things together for me and get back with me.

About a week later, she sent me some ideas, some website links and left the rest to me and Reagan. Here's what happened as a result.

We painted the walls in Sherwin Williams Rainwashed. It's a blue-green color - kind of like the color of the sky at the beach. There are still a few things I've not been able to "find" for the room. Like a picture or painting for above the headboard. What I had there before was way too small. I've looked at a few places but I can't find something I like enough to commit to buying it. Rhoda told me not to worry about it. She said the piece will "come to you." I also have yet to order the area rug I plan to place on the floor beside the bed. But at least I have picked one out.

This is to the right of the door. Again, the piece she suggested for here, I've not found it yet. She suggested a small white chest or bookshelf. I've looked at a few antique stores in my area, but haven't found "it" yet.

Here's the collage picture I mentioned in a Flashback Friday a few weeks ago. Beach picture. Fun picture. A touch of my personality in the room.

And the curtains. Let me tell you about them. They are burlap. Yeah, who'd have thought to look at burlap curtains? Not me. But I like them. I don't like the fact that they hold on to wrinkles. (I've pressed them with an iron AND I've tried steaming them.) But I like the curtains. Rhoda also taught me about how to hang curtains. Or should I say, she taught Reagan. Indirectly, she's taught Reagan a lot.

Oh, and accessories. I'm still looking for a few things, but this is one accessory I wanted to get when I saw it. This is a fish made out of glass and SAND. Love it. Rhoda did tell me to be careful with the accessories. She said I don't want to go too far with the beachy things. So I ended up taking a few things out of the room. But I really like this fish.

And to go with those burlap curtains, a burlap dust ruffle on the bed.

Here's the bed. I love the way the dark wood looks against the wall color. I'm still thinking about those throw pillows. I've got a weakness for throw pillows anyway. So I've bought pretty much every gold and blue-green throw pillow I've seen since we've started working on this room. I'll probably use these for a while then switch them out for something else. We'll see.

And here's a little sitting area. I found the wicker chair at an antique warehouse. I placed a pillow that I already had in the seat. I bought the throw to match the bedding and I think I got the lamp at Target. The pictures that are hanging above the chair (which I'm not certain are hung in the right place - Rhoda?) are from Hawaii. And the planter I found at T J Maxx.

And remember the dresser before? It had that hutch on it. Rhoda suggested taking the hutch off and buying a mirror to hang over the dresser. So, I looked and I looked and finally found one at a furniture consignment warehouse. Only problem is this...

It's gold and ugly. And the mirror itself had come unglued from the backing. So, we bought some spray paint. Reagan took the mirror apart. Then he painted the frame, re-glued everything and now has it ready to hang.

Only it's not hanging yet.

But it's back in the room. And as soon as he hangs it, I'll post a picture.

Here's the big window as seen from the bedroom door.

Oh, and I almost forgot. This is my favorite piece in the room. I found this at an antique shop in Clinton. I bought the set but only have one of them in here. It's my favorite piece because it's a fun piece. Gaudy? Why, what do you mean, gaudy? (That's the conversation I had with Reagan when I brought it home. Ha.)

I loved working with Rhoda on this room. She was so helpful with every silly little question I had. And I liked a lot of her suggestions. Reagan and I also enjoyed working on this room make-over together. We spent time in there after Sara Madalin went to bed every night for a week or two. He'd paint and I'd iron and steam those burlap pieces. Ha. But we're pleased with it. Like I said, there are a few more pieces I'm looking for. When I purchase them I'll try to remember to post updated pictures of the room. And since it's a beach room, and Rhoda is from "AL-A-BAMA!", I thought I'd name the room "The Bama Breeze." You know, like Elvis used to name rooms in his house. That's not weird, huh? Anyway...

Our next make over room is the office/craft room upstairs. I'll post pictures of that in the next few weeks (hopefully). It's going to be a fun room with bright colors. And I have three words for you - Zebra. Print. Rug. Oh yeah, Rhoda is definitely a decorator after my own heart.

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Courtney said...

I LOVE the room makeover. The beach theme is great.

The Glenn Gang said...

Oooh...glad to know about her! I see some decorating in my future!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Malinda, girl!! Ya'll did great on this room. It's been so much fun to sit back & see you take those suggestions & run with them. I love, love the Rainwashed in here AND how those burlap drapes & bedskirt really make the room WOW now. It was great working with you too & I loved reading this recap. Can't wait to see those final touches on the room & girl, get that mirror hung! :) I do want to see an AFTER on that for sure.

Next, the craft/office space. That is gonna really be fun seeing it all come together.

Heather said...

I've packed my bags and I'm ready to come stay in your gorgeous guest room! :) Seriously, that came out beautiful!

Thank you for the email, I've been trying to find it so I could respond directly but since I opened it on my cell phone, some of those emails get lost. I'm sure it's my error...but I've yet to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I'm doing well, finally starting to get some energy back. That first trimester really wiped me out and left very little time to blog or keep up with all my friends.

I've really missed seeing what new things Sara Madalin has been up to and everytime I catch a new pictue I'm just as in awe of her as the first time, she is such a beauty, not just on the outside but it comes shining out from her eyes too!

Ms. Shirley said...

Love the transformation of this room!! Tell Reagan, SORRY, but I like the lamp. You two did a great job.

Melanie said...

Ooh- I love the color on the walls and the burlap curtains/bedskirt! I have a burlap fringed tablecloth on an end table, and I love it.

The colors are so restful, and the room looks so much more polished and finished now!

southerninspiration said...

Oh, that is remarkable!! I love the transformation! I love the soothing colors and all that you've done. I DO have an idea for over the bed...would look fantastic....of course to you I am an anonymous commenter but for some reason this post just jumped out at me, and I love what you've done!!

Lisa said...

Your room is definitely worth naming!

Christina said...

Love it. What a beautiful space that you have created under Rhoda's direction. Love the burlap curtains, bed skirt and the color.

Very pretty.

Orphaned Decor said...

I love the room and the name! It turned out gorgeous. I love the way the dark wood works with the other soft colors. I can hardly wait to see the craft room. Great work! Leslie

The Whispering Creek House said...

Hey there I love how your room turned out! It is so pretty! Where did you get your burlap bedskirt i love it please come to my blog and leave a message where..! I would love to have one! Plus, you can visit my blog! I just started it! Southern hospitality a favorite of mine to! well done!

Queen B. said...

Oh my gosh I just love it.
PLEASE ...can you tell me where you got your matching bedside table lamps ???

Carrie said...

Oh my gosh! I just love the look of your new guest room. I hope you don't mind me commenting--Rhoda linked us all to you! You are right, she is amazing. But so are y'all, getting it all done while taking care of a little girl. My husband and I are about to begin remodeling an older home and you have insipred me! To be quite honest, I was feeling a little overwhelmed, so thanks so much for the boost!

K Storm said...

OOOOO...I want to come be a guest in that pretty room!