Jul 26, 2009

Donald Duck

Dr. Tony added to our Disney collection today. He had told me that he'd bought Sugar a new plush toy, Donald Duck, a week or so ago. This morning he brought it to me before church and we decided I'd wait until after church and let him give it to her. I knew how she would react. I told him she'd take it and "give it love." And that's just what she did.

On the ride home Sunday mornings and Sunday evening we give her a cup of milk. She usually drinks it on the way home, then she's ready for a nap on Sunday afternoon and then ready for bed on Sunday night when we get home. Anyway, I gave her her cup of milk when we got in the car Sunday morning, then tried to take Donald so she could drink her milk. She "threw a fit." She was not happy about me taking Donald from her. So, she tried her best to hold him AND drink from her cup.
She was asleep about 2 miles down the road, with the cup by her side and Donald in her hand.

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