Jul 3, 2009

Flashback Friday #21

This is what my Sugar looked like last 4th of July.

That's her in the sling I wore when she was still small enough to fit in it. I loved carrying her in it. And she loved being carried that way. Looking back, the times of carrying her in a sling were all too brief.

Here she is in her 4th of July shades. We still have these. But she's chewed on them and played with them so much that the tint on the lenses is all but rubbed off.

Here we are at the Balloon Festival in Canton. You can see she was excited to be there.

But then, Aunt Jana showed up and she perked up quite a bit. We all laughed at this photo because it looks like she's thinking, "Hey, I know you."

Even in 12 months she's changed so much. I'm having a tough time with that this week. In part, because she's walking now. And also, because of this. I just cried when I listened to that. I don't want to think about the "last" anything with her. Maybe that's why I take so many pictures, because I'm afraid that frame may be her last - her last bottle, her last day of crawling, her last time to see one of the elderly ladies at church that love her so much. In part, I photograph so much and keep this blog to document her firsts. I never thought about some of the photos documenting her lasts. She just grows and changes so quickly. Our prayer every day is that God protects her through these changes. And that He guides and directs her path.

And, as long as I'm able, I'm going to keep documenting these "firsts" and hopefully a few "lasts" along the way.

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Paige said...

She has changed so much since I started reading! Love the walking video to get "M's"!

Avery's Mommy said...

Wow they grow so fast, huh?

Avery had the same white dress last year. Time goes too fast!

K Storm said...

Have you ever read that book by Karen Kingsbury written for kids about the "lasts"? You will cry!!!

I get a little sad whenever I clean out the closets and drawers and we grow a size. It is always bittersweet.

Happy 4th!