Jul 10, 2009

Flashback Friday #22

Me and Sara Madalin - July 2008

I love the stage Sara Madalin is at right now. She is learning so much. We can ask her "Where's the bird?" or "Where's the light?" "Where's the ball?" And she can point to those things. When you hand her something, she says, "Ta." (For "Thank You") At least she does most of the time. She's walking/running pretty much all over the place now. As a matter of fact, last night was her first time to be at our swim school since she's started walking. Let me just tell you, we explored every inch of that place before lessons began. Nobody's bag was safe with her curious little self.

But when I look at pictures like the one above, taken just a year ago, I can't help but miss those sweet little baby moments. I loved cuddling with her in the mornings after Reagan left for work. I loved the way she'd throw her hand up to my face so she could touch me while she sleeps. She still does that. When we put her in the bed with us (which is less and less often - Miss Independent wants to be in her own bed), she touches me with one arm and her Daddy either with the other or with her feet.

I think I can look back over this past year and say honestly that we haven't taken one moment for granted with her. Have we had difficult nights? Yes. Hello? 7 ear infections in about as many months. Not fun. Teething - which nearly killed me, Reagan, and Mrs. Gail. Have we been tired and cranky at times? Yes. Has our life changed? Yes - in a lot of ways; no, in others. But we decided from the very beginning, I'd rather look back and say things like, "We held her too much as a baby." rather than, "We didn't hold her enough." I'd rather have people call her spoiled, than neglected. I'd rather her smile when I leave a room, because she is confident and comfortable with who she is and with her position in our family, than have her scream and cry when she's around new people because she has a home that is unstable.

We laugh a lot around here. We play on the floor. We love on baby dolls. We ride four-wheelers and play in the sprinkler. We have too many toys and FAR too many dresses and shoes for one small child. I usually have a load of clothes that needs folding and often times there are dirty dishes in the sink. I run and go from 6:00 in the morning, until at least 11:00 at night. Some of the added responsibilities (like blogging and working on my Master's degree) I bring on myself unnecessarily. And does a 13-month-old really NEED swimming lessons or music lessons? No, probably not. But we've only got one life, right? And one thing Reagan and I have always tried to do is live it to the fullest. I am pretty sure our little girl is already living by that principle.

So, for now, the pile of toys that have collected in the back floor of my car will remain there. The play yard fence will stretch from one side of our living room to the other. Sippy sups, some half full, can be found in almost every room in our house. And a little girl will go to sleep in peace, just as she has every night since she was born, because she knows her Mommy and Daddy love Jesus, love each other, and what's most important to her right now - love her.

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Jami Ainsworth said...

Precious Post. Thanks for sharing! Yesterday I saw a child on Oprah that was so neglected that at almost 7 yrs old she was like an infant (and this is an American child...not a child in an orphanage in some other country) and I immediately had the same thoughts. I would rather my little sweetheart, Natalie, hug strangers (that she thinks are ours/her friends) than so neglected that she afraid of hugs or just a little spoiled with material things and used to being the center of attention because she is often loved too much! Not that I believe one can be loved too much!

I digress..so again thanks for sharing...your Little Sugar is one very blessed little girl! God Bless you all!

Penny said...

I said before, that is why I keep reading... you don't take a single moment for granted! For me, conceiving my kids was "easy" and now they are grown. I think not having to struggle to have a child makes it easier to take things for granted. I regret that so many precious little moments slipped by without so much as a picture. Thank God, He gives us a second chance to enjoy the grandchildren--- like Jami said. Keep savoring EVERY moment--- you earned it! =)

Courtney said...

Beautiful post. I love the picture of the two of you together!

Rebecca Powers said...

This is my favorite post of yours so far! Loved it!

Tara said...

I love this post!! I have a 14 month old little girl myself. I feel exactly the same way!! I love reading your blog and seeing how cute Sara Madalin is in all her outfits!!

Anonymous said...

This blog is so sweet. You have everything in the right order. Your precious little one will grow up quicker than you can imagine.
Hold tight, spoil rotten, and love her every minute you can. That's why God gives us babies.
Pat F.