Jul 24, 2009

Flashback Friday - Hawaii 1999

I was looking at pictures to choose for this week's flashback and couldn't quite decide what to pick. So, I thought, well, what were we doing 10 years ago? That helped me decide really quick which pictures to post and which stories to tell.

During our Summer 10 years ago, we went on our second trip to Hawaii. We went with our friends Jimmy and Renee and their son Blake. I've posted pictures of this trip once before. But here are some different pictures and a couple stories to go along with it.

Jimmy and Renee had told us several months before that they were going to Hawaii to see Jimmy's cousin, Craig, who was stationed at Hickam Air Force Base at Pearl Harbor. When we heard they were going, we kind of invited ourselves to join them.

That is just how we are. Don't tell us you're going on a trip to paradise unless you're prepared for us to tag along.

Anyway, we went to Maui for a few days before spending the majority of our time on Oahu. We attended a traditional luau at Old Lahaina. It was so much fun. I love to watch the Polynesian dancing. And I'm pretty fond of the Mai Tai too. (Non-alcoholic, of course.) Here's a picture of Renee and I before the dinner began.

I love Renee so much. She has been such a dear, sweet, caring friend to me in some of the most difficult times of my life. I can remember, not long after Reagan and I married and I was just so overwhelmed with being a new wife, that she pulled me aside after church one night and just let me cry and talk. Looking back, I was upset over what amounted to nothing. But Renee didn't treat it like nothing. She listened and prayed with me. It made a big difference in my life. And still today, when I need Renee, I call her and she listens. And she lets me cry when I need to, even when it amounts to nothing.

Here are Blake, Jimmy and Renee on our flight home.

Jimmy was so funny. We took off from Honolulu late in the afternoon for our flight home. We were supposed to make it to Dallas or Houston (can't remember) by early the next morning. The flight was about 8 hours. We took off and started climbing. Then we stopped climbing. And you could tell we slowed down. Then we kind of leveled off and we were going pretty slow. Then we could see that we were turning around. We kept asking the flight attendants what was going on. They just smiled and said they weren't sure but that the pilot would let us know soon if it was anything to be concerned about. Reagan was videoing during some of this time and Jimmy was cracking jokes. He looked at Reagan at one point and said, so seriously, "They tell us not to worry about it. And I was ok with that, until I saw one of the flight attendants putting on her snorkel gear." I was terrified, but when he said that I couldn't help but laugh. That's so Jimmy - making jokes in tense situations.

It turned out that one of our engine lights kept coming on. So, we circled Oahu for about an hour dumping fuel so we could land. Because we had just taken off, we had a full tank and the plane was too heavy to land safely. We landed eventually and waited for a couple hours in the airport while everything was checked out.

Now, I take a "something" when I fly to help with my "motion sickness." (And by motion sickness, I mean FEAR.) But by the time we were actually taking off for the eight hour flight home, (on the same plane that we had just a couple hours before gotten off of so they could check the engine) my meds had long worn off. And if ever I needed something for "motion sickness", it was then. So, Reagan had to give me another pill. I don't remember taking off the second time. All I remember was waking up and looking out the window and saying, "I can see the waves even at night." Reagan looked out the window and said, "Those aren't waves, it the lights in the cities below."

We arrived for our connecting flight too late the next morning and ended having to stay in Houston or Dallas (or where ever we were) in a hotel until later that evening. It ended up taking us over 24 hours to get home from Hawaii. But it was fun and so worth it.
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