Jul 25, 2009

"Mama says they was magic shoes"

Sara Madalin has gone from baby to toddler/little girl in a matter of days. She has always been pretty independent. But she is just so "big girl" looking now. Here she is Friday night at our favorite mexican restaurant. (Told you I'd find something for her to wear that top with, Nicki. Denim shorts with a gold heart on the hiney. So cute.)

Here is a video of her making the rounds at the restaurant right before we left. I had to apologize to two different groups of people. I told them, as she was reaching up to them while smiling that toothy grin of hers, "I'm sorry. She thinks everybody knows her." I don't know why the video is sideways. I may have had the camera turned wrong. Who knows. But you'll get the idea of how busy she is by watching this. You'll see Reagan tries to get her to come to him. No, thank you, sir. She'll walk all on her own now - all the way to the car.

And look at those big girl shoes. I tried to get a photo of them, but they were in constant motion, so I couldn't.

Ah, here they are. Daddy picked her up so I could photograph them. She's gone from a size 2 shoe to a size 4 in a matter of weeks it seems. And good thing they are sneakers, cause if she's moving, she is running.

And here she is when we arrived home. Look how cute she is with her ankles crossed. She was worn out. It was about 8:00 p.m. Her normal bedtime is around 7:30.

She did wake up long enough for me to change her, read her a story, rock her for a few minutes and sing one song to her. Then she smiled at me and I put her in her bed. She rolled over, grabbed her blanket, and my BIG little girl went to sleep.
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Anonymous said...

Awesome sneakers!! I love those sleeping in the car seat days. Long gone from here.

Paige said...

Love those shoes! What a doll.

K Storm said...

Look at her in those big girl clothes!!

Elizabeth said...

Could she be any cutier in her big girl shoes?! Love it!

Penny said...

So cute! I remember reading stories and singing songs (Don't Take the Girl, Jesus Loves Me and Barney were the top 3 hits every night!) to my youngest for YEARS and now she is 17 and getting ready for her SENIOR year! Man!
Enjoy her! It goes TOO quickly!

Sugar's Mommy said...

Penny - Right now her favorite is Jesus Loves Me. I've sang that to her since she was born. Sometimes she hums along. It's so sweet.

You should send me your email so I can reply to some of these comments. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

Ashlee McCrary said...

yep those were rylie's first big girl kicks too-sz 4 also! lol i wish they still fit. i almost bought another exact pair they're so darn cute! Sara madalin looks adorable walkin in them!