Jul 26, 2009

Mississippi Woman, Louisiana Man

We took a little road trip Saturday morning to Vidalia, LA. It's right across the Mississippi River from Natchez. We stopped for a few pictures on the MS side and then crossed over for a BIG party we had been invited to attend. It was Jonah's 3rd birthday party. And I don't know if you know this or not, but Jonah and Sara Madalin - well, let's just say his mommy and I have got BIG plans for their future.

His birthday party was held at the church where his daddy, BROTHER Dan, is pastor. In the foyer of their church gym Nicki had set up a little treat bar.

Sara Madalin was more than ready to help herself when we got there.

We were the first guests to arrive, so Sara Madalin got to walk into the gym alone, before it was FULL of people.

And this is what she saw.

That was a huge jumping house and slide. Over to the left, there was a smaller jumper for children Sara Madalin's size. There was also little riding toys throughout the gym for the children to play on as well.

And as soon as she saw the toys, she started pointing. Pointing means, "I want to go to that."

So, we rode every toy in there. The first ride was a pony.

That only lasted about 45 seconds. So, then she rode a tricycle.

And then a pink tricycle.

Oh, and we got to meet people. Lots of people. Some people that we've read about for months and finally got to see in person. This is Amanda and Eli.

I've read about Eli since before he was born. I even voted in Amanda's poll to help decide on Eli's middle name. He's a cutie.

And here is Jonah's Mi-Mi, a.k.a. Nicki's mother, a.k.a. Mrs. Melba. When it's time to potty train Sara Madalin, she's going to visit Mrs. Melba.

Oh, and then we had the most fun ever. Sara Madalin, who is FULL of energy, found something that was quite possibly made for her. The Little Tikes Jumper House.

I've seen these at other's birthday parties and at Wal-Mart. But Sara Madalin has never actually played in one. Oh, but boy did she play at Jonah's party.

Hmmm.... wonder what she's thinking?

It didn't take us long to find out.

If she slid down once, she did it 50 times. HEAD FIRST. The child has no fear.

Do you think she knows how cute she is?

And here's the birthday boy. He got to play in the big jumper and slide down the big slide.

I'm pretty sure he enjoyed himself. What do ya think?

Oh, and here is Nicki with her "deacon." That statement means nothing to pretty much everyone else that reads our blog. But to these two, it means that whatever Nicki needs, all she has to do is call Reagan. Cause for the rest of his life, he will be "her deacon." Nobody else's, just hers.

And here are two little children that make mine and Nicki's hearts so happy.

She emailed me earlier this week about the party - time, location, etc. And she said, "Did you ever think OUR children would be playing together?" No, I really didn't. And now I look at this picture above and I see how blessed we all are. See, they struggled with infertility too. She and I have prayed for each other and cried over each other. She is one of the few people we told about Sara Madalin before her birth. I called Nicki from the hospital (while she was on vacation at Disney) when Sara Madalin was born. She and (Brother) Dan have a special place in our lives and hearts. I'm so glad that God has put them in our lives. I've told her often, she is my mommy-mentor. I've asked her about a million questions since Sara Madalin was born.

And here is the birthday boy with his mommy and daddy. We love them so much.

And would you look at that cake? THAT is a birthday cake, my friends.

And I almost forgot, but here are two videos of Sara Madalin sliding. I put two on here because we enjoyed watching her so much, and we thought everyone else would too. Let me just tell you, we are getting one of these things. She had the best time. And she was asleep before we got out of the church parking lot.

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Elizabeth said...

Looks like the lil princess had a blast!

Lady Katherine said...

How special and what great fun! Happy Birthday

Lady Katherine said...

I think my comment did not post! How special and fun! That is a wonderful cake and party! How fun for you all to get together. I took the same trip last weekend! I live North east of Jackson

Paige said...

So much fun! And you are right.. that is a birthday cake!

Penny said...

Aww, man! You were in Vidalia and I missed it! I JUST met Nicki at a wedding in May and we live in the same town. I've even visited in her church, but never were introduced, so at the wedding I introduced myself. We talked about you and Sara Madalin (ALL good, of course!) when we started talking about the other blogs we read. It would be nice to meet up with you IRL. =)
PS You encourage me, too.

Jami Ainsworth said...

I would have loved to meet you too Melinda, but I was busy helping host a birthday party at roughly the same time!

Maybe next year Jonah and Natalie will have different party dates like we purposely did last year.

By the way, Sara Madalin looks like a little girl who knows how to have fun. Love it!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Look at that bounce house! Way too cool!

Ashlee McCrary said...

looks like that was a fun party! it's nice to get there first & try out all the good stuff before anyone else! hehe