Jul 2, 2009

"M's" and Red Bull

I had a very big night at church Wednesday night. First, I had to show everybody what a big girl I am and how I can walk now. They were all very impressed with me.

Then, I got to meet a very pretty lady, Mrs. Mary. She was one of my Mommy and Daddy's Sunday school students when she was in college. She's married now. And she lives in another state. She came home to see my Mi-Mi Sue-Sue. I think she was excited to see me too.

She prayed for me a long time. She also asked other people at her church to pray for me. I'm thankful that they did, cause now I get to live with my Mommy and Daddy.

And eat M's.

I tried to explain to Mrs. Mary about my (crazy) Mommy and her photography obsessions. (She's always there with that camera.) I told Mrs. Mary, "Look at Mommy and smile and she'll give you an 'M'. And if she doesn't, I know where she keeps them in her purse."

After I met Mrs. Mary and Mommy took about a million pictures (although, since I can't count, I can't be certain that's an accurate number of how many she took) we went to the gym for my Mi-Mi Sue-Sue's surprise birthday party. She's 50 now. And everybody was trying to give her a hard time about it. But my Mi-Mi Sue-Sue is a good sport. She laughed along with all the jokes, like the walker and the old people gifts that she received.

I saw some balloons at the party. I waited until everyone was distracted with the cake and I tried to get me one of those balloons.

And here's my hero - Mrs. Jackie. She's going to make me into a star softball player - or so I hear from Mommy. I love Mrs. Jackie. When I saw her, I held out my arms until Mommy took me to her. I think she kind of likes me too. She gives me crackers and Red Bull and lets me play with her keys. Oh, alright, she's never actually given me Red Bull. She just threatens my Mommy with it. She and Mr. Nickey (her BOY-friend) always tell Mommy that the next time they have me in the nursery, they are going to give me some Red Bull to see how I act. They think that's funny. Mommy doesn't. But we love Mrs. Jackie anyway.

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Courtney said...

Cute pictures. I am going to have to remember the M&M trick with my nephew!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sweetie,
I am going to be in the nursery with you Sunday night. I am so
excited to hear that you are walking. Boy, are we going to have some fun. I like M&M'S too.
Can't wait to see you.
Ms Pat

Heather said...

More adorable pictures of your beautiful little one. I love the idea of giving m&m's for smiley pictures...right now I'm having a hard time taking any pictures at all because Gia will now grab for the camera since one day I made the mistake of letting her view some of the pictures taken. I'm still trying to figure out how to get around that one because I love taking pictures of her probably as much as you love taking them of Sara Madalin.