Jul 12, 2009

Power Shopping

All last week we planned to go out Saturday and run errands we'd been putting off. Many of those errands entailed shopping. We are doing some repairs and painting in the house. So, we needed to pick up some things at Home Depot. Sara Madalin also needed a few things (read: diapers). Plus, we're looking for furniture for the house. So, we got up and started early to get all our tasks done. And before we left, we made sure we had two essential things - sunglasses and something to shake in the back seat in order to make lots of noise while Mommy and Daddy are trying to talk.

Sugar-Sugar was so funny. Everywhere we went, she found someone to hold her. We were standing in line at J.C. Penney, and she held her hands out to the lady behind me in line. Well, who's going to say no to Sara Madalin? Not this lady. She held her and talked to her until Sara Madalin was satisfied and she came back to me. Then, we went to Home Depot and while Reagan was talking to the employee that mixes paint, she held her arms out to him. I could tell he was caught off guard. But, again, her charm won out and the employee took her in his arms and held her while we talked. Finally, when we got to the Ashley Furniture Store, just as we walked in the studio and were greeted by the salesperson, she reached up from the stroller for the sales person. And, yes, again, the person she wanted picked her up. We thought it was so funny that she will go to anyone. She is such a friendly baby. I hope she stays that way. My prayer is that God uses her friendliness and sweet smile to win people to Him.

After all our shopping, she and I sat in the truck for a nap while Daddy went into the Apple store for a few things. Look how cute she is with her hand behind her head.

After being gone all day, all she wanted was to play in her toy bin. She climbed over in there and found her baby doll's bottle to chew on for a few minutes.

What a face. I think she was pretty tired by this time. After such a full day, she had a little milk and went night-night.

She's got another busy week. I'm going to post a video of her walking (hopefully) tomorrow. And then we have a few surprises we'll post pics of as well.

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Courtney said...

I think you have a social butterfly on your hands. Love the picture where she is sleeping in the car seat. Precious!

Paige said...

How sweet! Oh how we all should have the friendliness of a child to win people to our Lord.