Jul 9, 2009

Sprinkle Me, Elmo

We've had a lot of posts this week, cause Sugar's been a very busy girl. I'm going to back track just a little to Sunday afternoon. Reagan bought Sara Madalin a little Elmo sprinkler that attaches to our garden hose. She sat on the back porch and watched him hook it up for her.

She was a little afraid of it at first. But just like always, her curiosity got the better of her.

She inched closer a little at a time.

Then she stood.

And about that time, Daddy moved the sprinkler close enough to her for the water to actually hit her.

She decided she needed to get really close to check out this little thing.


And finally she made it. She tried to hold the sprinkles of water. But she just couldn't grasp it in her hand.

She's a fun girl. Hope everyone's enjoying their week as much as we are around here.

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