Jul 7, 2009

VBS 2009, Day 2 - By Sugar

I first started my day by eating breakfast. I had 2 cinnamon French toast sticks and some watermelon with Mommy. Oh, and a cup of milk. I'm trying some new things in my diet. You know, expanding my food palette a bit. I tried spaghettios last night. I didn't care for them much. Now, the blueberry filled cereal bar Mommy followed it up with, that's a different story. I love me some blueberries. Anyway, back to today. I ate breakfast and Mommy and I headed to church for VBS.

We got there around 9:05 a.m., just in time for the first round of snacks. And boy am I glad I didn't miss it. Mrs. Ann gave us all something called frozen yogurt. Mommy thought I would only eat about half. I showed her. I ate the ENTIRE thing. Mrs. Ann gave her a few to take home and put in the freezer for me. I love Mrs. Ann.

After we all finished our frozen yogurt, we played a bit. We have some pretend koala bears in the nursery this week. I sat down to play with one. But then, I saw Mrs. Ann pull something from the snack cubby. It was GOLDFISH crackers. She knew it had been a good 15 minutes since I'd eaten anything, so she handed one to me. Thank goodness. I think my blood sugar was about to get low. And you don't want to be around me when that happens.

That goldfish cracker was just what I needed. I played with the koala bears some more. Then I took a toy (made out of shoe boxes) apart. Then, I guess Mommy thought I'd had enough for one day, and we said bye-byes to Mrs. Ann, Aunt Bobbye and all my friends in the nursery.

I thought we were going home. But instead, we went to see the ladies in the kitchen who prepare snacks for all the VBS children. No, I didn't eat again. But if they'd offered me anything, it would have been rude to turn them down. My Mommy has taught me better manners than that.

After we talked with the ladies in there, we went out to the gym. Guess who was there. Mrs. Cindy. I like Mrs. Cindy too. She's my friend. She and I colored for a little while. But, you know, the funny thing about coloring - it makes me hungry. So, I tried to nibble on the purple crayon a bit. But Mommy took it from me. And let me just say this while I'm on it, I don't think I understand that. When I take things from her hands, I get in trouble. But she takes things from me all the time. Is that right? I'm just saying...

Here I am coloring with Mrs. Cindy.

After I finished coloring, we said bye-byes and Mommy took me to Mrs. Gail's. It was a busy morning. Good thing I had time to fit a nap in before I started playing with my friends at the sitter's. I can't wait to see what Mrs. Ann has for us to eat tomorrow.

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Paige said...

These posts are cracking me up! But, they are so much fun. Wonder if Sugar really is thinking like that!! = )

Courtney said...

Cute post. I love her outfit!

Penny said...

I agree that it doesn't seem fair for your mommy to take stuff away from you all the time. Next time just remind her that crayons are non-toxic. It says so right on the box. I'm an expert on crayons because I teach kindergarten, so just tell her (nicely) that Mrs. Penny said it is okay to let you eat them.

JK, Sugar's mommy! LOL