Jul 27, 2009

Where Ever We Go, That's Where the Party's At!

Another day, another birthday party.

Sunday afternoon we went to Skyler's "Hello Kitty" birthday party. She turned 3, just like Jonah. We got there a little late because "someone" needed a nap. And by someone, I don't mean Mommy or Daddy.

The nap did her good. She behaved so well while Skyler opened all her gifts. She even found a little time to flirt with Cash. He kept leaning over and touching her.

She gave Daddy a little love while they watched the birthday girl. She's so sweet sometimes.

"Hey, there's Mommy with the camera. I think I'll give her a big smile."

Skyler was so sweet. After she opened each gift, she'd find the person who gave it to her and give them a big hug and tell them thank you. This is her hugging Sara Madalin. These two girls love each other.

After the gifts and the cake, we went out on the back porch. Sara Madalin could see the rocking horse through the back door. She kept pointing to it so we went out there to see how she would react.

Want to know how she liked it? Watch the video.

I wonder if these things come in pink.

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Ashlee McCrary said...

I love SM's sneakers! Rylie had those & outgrew them so fast! They're just precious on your princess!

thriftymomma said...

she is so cute. belated congratulations from me, another adoptive mommy. blogging sometimes about adoption at: http://www.thriftymommastips.blogspot.com/