Jul 14, 2009

Will Walk for Food

Last Friday night after we came home from VBS commencement, I fed Sara Madalin. She had some applesauce and I can't remember what else. But she ate and drank and was full. Or so I thought.

For our dinner, we had stopped by Subway for a sandwich on the way home. After I'd fed her, we fixed our plates and decided we'd sit down to watch a little TV while we ate. As soon as I sat down, she started coming toward me. And for as long as I sat there and ate, she continued the path you see in the video below. She would walk over to the ottoman, then the love seat, then back to me. Get a bite of my sandwich and start the whole thing over again. We thought it was so funny.

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Lynn said...

Is that not the sweetest baby in the world? Love ya.

Paige said...

That is hysterical! She is getting so big.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! It's cute now. When she's a little older, she'll snag that whole sandwich when your back is turned or scarf all your diet dr. pepper! Enjoy the baby steps and the baby bites! Blessings!