Jul 23, 2009

You're Welcome Blue Cross , Blue Shield

First, let me say, thank you to people who send us toys and clothes and shoes and any other gift that you give us. We are so appreciative. And when I post pictures and stories about them, as I'm about to do, I in no way mean to sound ungrateful for the gift(s). Having said that, let me tell you about what Sugar has been up to this week.

Tuesday evening Daddy brought home a new toy Mr. Dwight and Mrs. Kandi had sent by him. It has all kinds of neat things to push and pull and beat on. Sara Madalin checked it out thoroughly.

Then, once she had inspected it, she did what she does to pretty much everything these days that she can hold still for at least 5 seconds.

She turned it over on a more steady side...

... then she proceeded to climb atop it.

Sorry kind, generous, thoughtful people who give us things - it's all a step stool to her.

This is just one of many things she's been climbing on. One morning this past week, Reagan had put Sara Madalin in the living room to play while he got her breakfast ready in the kitchen. He looked over and she had his cellphone - which had been on the end table out of her reach. That was no obstacle for her. She just pushed her little scooter over to the couch, climbed up, got the phone and climbed down. Oh, and the pictures I posted last Wednesday for Wordless Wednesday - that was her pulling the drawer out of the end table, climbing in it, and then climbing on top of the end table.

It's not just here that she's climbing on everything. She climbs at church too. Mrs. Gail has even told me she has had to move several things to keep Sara Madalin from climbing on them. Oh, and she even climbs on the other kids. Yes, I have THAT child.

So, thanks for all the toys. Sara Madalin is REALLY enjoying them. Mommy and Daddy? Let's just say, we're pretty sure we'll be meeting our insurance deductible every year until she's at least in college.

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The Glenn Gang said...

Oooh...you have a climber!!! Jonah never was but still ended up with tons of bruises on that big ole head of his. Put some uneven bars in our living room so when she climbs she can at least start practicing gymnastics for the olympics. Oooh...or a balance beam! Gotta give that girl some goals!

Ms. Shirley said...

I love the expression on her face in the first pic...those eyes tell the whole story!!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh....i never thought she would climb on it!!! but she looks like she is enjoying it. hopefully she wont get hurt on it. then i would feel really bad. we will pray that she stays safe.


Penny said...

She reminds me of my oldest daughter. Athletic and never meets a stranger! I walked into the kitchen one day when Mallory was about 10 months old to find her sitting in the middle of the dining table happily dipping her finger in the sugar bowl and licking it off. LOL
Another time I found her on the sofa table! Just a couple of her many adventures! But you know what? I have spent MAYBE $500 on her in doctor bills (without insurance when she was a baby) until she got married. She's tough. At 20, she ROLLED her Daddy's truck 1 1/2 times and walked away with only a cut on her knee from crawling out the broken window of the upside truck and abrasions from the seatbelt! The ER visit was just for peace of mind. She didn't even need stitches. Her guardian angel worked overtime and so will Sara Madalin's. =)

K Storm said...

She is such a busy little girl, isn't she? You can tell she is trying hard to figure everything out!

Paige said...

I was a climber! Wait until she discovers that she can climb in things and hide. Did that one time to my grandparents. Climbed in their hamper to hide, but fell asleep instead. They tore the house up trying to find me!