Aug 15, 2009

An Afternoon with Chuck E. Cheese

Sara Madalin made her first trip to Chuck E. Cheese Friday afternoon. I thought she was probably old enough to enjoy some of the smaller rides. And I wanted to see how she would react to costumed characters. Kind of a prelude to Disney in October. If she wasn't afraid of Chuck E. Cheese, our chances are that she'll be ok around all the other characters at Disney.

We invited her friends from church, Skyler and Cash, to join us. Their mom and Mi-Mi Sue-Sue came as well.

We got there first and Sara Madalin couldn't wait to ride one of the little car rides. I put her in the one with Barney first. She kind of looked a little nervous when the ride started moving.

Then she grinned and I knew she was enjoying it.

She noticed Barney sitting next to her. She thought he was a big stuffed toy. She gave him "love" like she does all her other toys. She's so sweet.

Then she rode with Chuck E. Cheese. She decided she'd tell him a thing or two while she rode with him. She talked pretty much the whole ride. He didn't talk back. Which is probably wise.

Cash and Skyler came in and Skyler was off to the climbing toys and the slide. Cash was drawn immediately to the biggest ride in there - a big wheeled truck. He's gained from his uncles and his daddy an appreciation for BIG, LOUD trucks. He drove and Sara Madalin rode.

There was a big animated Chuck E. on the stage. The girls were not afraid at all. Skyler thought he was real. She kept talking to him. Sara Madalin kept trying to touch his hand. It would move every now and then. I think it scared her at first.

I read on someone's blog long ago a little list of things that toddlers feel they must do. It was something like, "If there is a button, I MUST push it. If there is a string, I MUST pull it." I thought it was cute when I read it. Now, having a BUSY toddler, I've learned it's much more than just CUTE - it is gospel truth. In the picture below, Sara Madalin saw some flashing lights. Well, "If there are flashing lights, we MUST touch them."

Susie (aka Mi-Mi or Mi-Mi Sue-Sue) came along too. It's a good thing. These three children are VERY active. It took all three of us to keep up with them. They were constantly running from one game or ride to the next. It was not crowded at all while we were there. For that we were thankful. We were also very thankful for the air conditioning. Running after a 15-month-old, an 18-month-old and a 3-year-old makes you sweat.

Here's Cash going for a ride. He didn't like the characters. Susie tried to get him to touch the animated Chuck E. He screamed. But he rode in the cars, as long as he didn't have to look at or touch the characters riding with him.

I don't really know why I even bought tokens. Sara Madalin was just as happy walking around looking at the games and rides. Skyler and I are the only ones who actually used many of the tokens. Sara Madalin walked over to several of the games and tried to reach in to touch whatever was inside the glass. She couldn't understand why she couldn't touch the balls in this game. She wanted one so bad. She loves balls.

Chuck E. Cheese came out for a few minutes. Skyler chased him the whole time.

Sara Madalin touched him. But when he'd bend down to talk to her, she'd come back to me. She was brave, but just so much. But at least she didn't scream and cry. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, Cashie.)

I'll admit, these are not the best pictures I've ever taken of her. But she's not being very cooperative these days. She moves pretty quickly. It's hard to get a good picture of someone who seems to be in constant motion. But we try to remind ourselves that she's learning and exploring. And if her activity and level of curiosity are any indication as to how much she's learning, she's going to be a GENIUS.

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Melanie said...

Is this the new one up by the Sam's Club? We really need to take Evelyn there. She would LOVE it.