Aug 3, 2009

And I'll Have a Kids' Meal Please

Up until this point, when we eat out, we've taken Sara Madalin's food with us, or she's eaten off my plate. Well, she's starting to eat quite a bit for someone her size. So, Sunday night when we went out to eat after church, we ordered her very first Kids' Meal.

We worked in a little play time while we waited for our food to arrive. It's so amazing how the simplest things can be so much fun for her. After I opened my straw she wanted the paper it was wrapped in. So I started rubbing it across her face to tickle her. She laughed and laughed. And she has got the sweetest laugh.

Look at these beautiful curls in the next picture.

I've tried wetting them and combing them down, and they just pop back up again - especially in the back. The little ladies at church tell me, "Don't comb her hair down. We like the curls." So curly she is.

And here she is enjoying her grilled cheese sandwich. She ate a half sandwich, 1/2 a container of apple sauce, and drank a whole cup of milk.

Needless to say, she was full and happy when we left. She was asleep before we got home. Reagan says now we have to start looking for restaurants where kids eat free.
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The Glenn Gang said...

I literally laughed out loud at the thought of Reagan looking for restaurants where kids eat free. That is SO my deacon!

Avery's Mommy said...

I couldn't believe how quickly we upgraded Avery to kids meals. But she lovvves them. Especially Chick-fil-A! At first it was so cute, but now it's just kind've expensive. I'm w/ Reagan! :)

Sugar's Mommy said...

Reagan greatly appreciates all your support. :-)

Sugar's Mommy said...
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Ashlee McCrary said...

i dont know what all's in your area but denny's has kids eat free on Tue & Sat, norton's is a grill & bar that has free kids meals on wed & sun....