Aug 24, 2009

And She Danced All Day

Sunday, we visited with Reagan's sister and her husband and daughter at their church. Before we left, Sara Madalin and I went outside so I could try to get a picture or two of her in her CUTE little dress. Only problem - there was WAY too much to distract her from the camera lens.

There are pieces of grass, leaves, bugs - just too many things to touch and pick up out there on the porch. But I think she's a beautiful subject, even when she's not smiling at the camera.

After church, we went to eat at "Two Sisters" restaurant. We sat out on the patio. The weather was beautiful. It was sunny and just cool and breezy enough to sit outside and enjoy it. It felt like the beginnings of Fall. There was also live entertainment. There was someone playing music on his guitar and singing while we ate. Sara Madalin and I loved it. After we ate, her Aunt Susan took her closer to where the singer was.

She didn't know what to think at first. (See that spoon? She'd just finished some banana pudding with Uncle David and Aunt Susan. But she held on to the spoon.)

She must have smiled just right, because after a couple minutes, he started singing a song especially for her - "Puff the Magic Dragon."

She loved it. She would just watch him and smile. And then she'd wave. Susan let her get down and walk around some. But then, just as was the case at home, there was too much on the ground to distract her.

We enjoyed our morning and lunch with them. It's always great to see them. And Sara Madalin LOVES her Aunt Susan, Uncle David and Mandy (and Mitch too). Especially when they feed her banana pudding.

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K Storm said...

What fun! Love Two Sisters too!

Courtney said...

Sounds like lots of fun. Can't blame a girl for lovin banana pudding!

Penny said...

Some of my favorite pictures of my kids/grandkids are the ones where they're not looking at the camera/not smiling. She's adorable and I love her dress. =)