Aug 17, 2009

Earning My Keep - By Sugar

Last Wednesday evening, Mommy and I went to visit Daddy at the drug store before church. Daddy keeps telling me that one day I'll be "earning my keep" by working there. Well, while we were there, I decided I'd go ahead and get some practice in.

The first bit of "work" that I did was a little filing.

Mommy said she was SURE they appreciated my help with that.

When I finished filing, I started helping the techs fill a few 'scripts. They have rows and rows of bottles with stuff in them. When you shake the bottles, they make noise like the instruments in my music class. I pulled one of the bottles off the lower shelf.

Miss Jessica, my babysitter on "Mommy & Daddy Date Nights" works with my Daddy. I don't think she thought it was a good idea for me to fill prescriptions. She tried to take the bottle from me that I had pulled from the shelf.

I turned and ran from her.

Then, I found a drawer where they keep the empty bottles that they fill with people's medicine. I helped (dis)organize that a bit.

Then Mommy said it was time to go. But I had one more job to do before we left. I had to check the robot to see if Daddy needed to refill any of the containers.

I inspected them very thoroughly. Yep, they're good.

So, I think I "earned my keep" during my first job at City Drugs. Maybe next time I go, I'll get promoted. And hey, where's my paycheck? I worked hard for that money, Daddy.

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Avery's Mommy said...

Cute post and cute shoes! :)

Elizabeth said...

Too cute! I love to read these post from her point of view :)

Carrie said...

I love it! She is too cute. I am so glad we are not alone, I thought I had the only child who liked to "help".

Courtney said...

Adorable post. I always enjoy when Sara is the guest columnist!

Paige said...

So cute! Sara Madelin needs to write more often. She tells the best stories. : )

Rebecca Powers said...

So funny!

Love the pants ;)