Aug 6, 2009

An Easy Chair

Earlier this week I did a little shopping. (Actually, if you talk to Reagan, he'd tell you that EVERY day this week I've done quite a bit of shopping. But anyway...) I stopped by Toys R Us and picked up a chair for Sara Madalin. She likes to watch The Weather Channel and The O'Reily Factor with her Daddy, and she needs an easy chair kind of like his in order to enjoy her TV viewing time. (Ahem.)

I'm just kidding. When our television is on, it's tuned to Baby First TV as long as she's awake. She loves the music and the puppets. That is, when she stops long enough to notice them.

So, when Daddy got home, he pulled out the chair for her.

She was so happy and excited. I love her little grin.

She immediately climbed in the chair and looked toward the TV.

She tried to rock in it. Daddy's chair rocks. Hers doesn't.

I posted this picture yesterday but I had to post it again. She's so cute.

She thinks she is so big sitting in her own chair. I know it's cliche to say this, but she is growing up too fast.

And I may have mentioned a few weeks ago that she's a climber. Actually, there's no "may have" to it. I blogged about how she uses everything she can find as a step stool. Well it didn't take her long to move that chair on over to the couch.

She's also turned it upside down and used the back as a slide. Of course, she went down the "slide" head first. Oh, but my favorite use for it was when she moved it over to the coffee table, climbed on the chair, then climbed ONTO THE COFFEE TABLE and started dancing. Yes, dancing on the table. If that is foreshadowing of her college years, then I am doing something terribly wrong.
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Penny said...

I want to see the table dancing pictures. LOL

southerninspiration said...



Avery's Mommy said...

I have got to get Avery one of these princess chairs! And lovvve O'Reilly! :) I call Avery a Weepublican - (she has the bib too! lol)

Elizabeth said...

Too cute....and funny :)

Courtney said...

Cute pictures. Logan has a chair like that and he tries to recline!