Aug 14, 2009

Flashback Friday - 3 Month Photos

The flashback photos for today were posted a year ago this week. I decided one afternoon, while Sara Madalin was in such a good mood, that we'd take a few photos of her in her bedroom. Here she is sitting in her Bumbo.

She loved her Bumbo. I did too. She liked sitting up where she could see everything going on. I liked having somewhere to sit her and have my hands free.

We also took a few pictures of her with her Boppy. She did so good and laughed and smiled the whole time.

I love this next picture. She has such beautiful eyes.

Someone said that her eyes are "piercing." Maybe that's why Jonah told his mama the other day, "I'm gonna marry Sara Madalin."

Even in a mere year she's changed so much. She's always been a sweet, happy baby. You can see it in these pictures. She's still sweet and happy, she's just developed her own voice and has definitely learned to speak her mind. But she's as beautiful as ever, at least to her Mommy and Daddy she is.
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Penny said...

She is adorable--- not just to you guys. My granddaughter had that same ladybug outfit last summer. =)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Malinda, so happy to see the mirror finished & in place. It looks fantastic, as does the rug. So pretty!!

MegJill said...

Random comment here, But...
I can't remember how I found your blog. I know there was a link to your guestroom makeover. I love your paint colors! The blue in the guest room is so calming. You have done a great job on your remodeling and I am excited to see the upstairs when you are done! I was wondering if you could tell me the brand and color you have painted in the upstairs that you are working on. It's the tan color in the room where your husband is patching and repairing the walls. That color is about the same as what I am looking for in our new living room, which we plan on painting as soon as we get the color. Could you let me know what it is? Thank you so much, and good luck on your house projects!
P.S. Your little girl is adorable! In her long dress she looks like a little doll. Hope she marries that little boy so you can use those pictures of them together at their wedding!