Aug 7, 2009

Flashback Friday - Back to School

School is starting back around here for everyone in the next couple weeks. So, what better way to "celebrate" than to flashback to a couple of our old school photos?

I'm not sure what grade Reagan was in in the picture below, but look how cute he was. His hair looks a little red. But I'm sure it's the aged picture that makes it look that way.

I was in the 3rd grade in this picture.

I am so glad my teeth straightened as I got older. But look at that hair. (Yes, it looks a little red. That's because it is red. Has NOTHING to do with the age of the picture.) My hair was long and thin and never really looked all that great. And who remembers those barrettes with the ribbon in them? And if I'm not mistaken, those are a few (million) freckles scattered across my face.

Weren't we a match made in heaven?

I always loved the beginning of school. I loved getting a couple new outfits. New school supplies. There's not much better than new pens and pencils and a few new, thick spiral notebooks that have never been written in. I was one of those children who couldn't sleep the night before school started. It always seemed like it had been forever since I'd seen my friends. Funny how 2 months seemed so much longer then than it does now.

Welcome back to school everyone.

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Penny said...

I love the school picture idea. All of my school pics are awful, but I might have to go find some--- if I can. BTW I LOVE red headed kids. I was so sad when my youngest one's went from auburn to strawberry then blonde. ANYBODY can be blonde! Besides I thought it was neat to have a brunette, a blonde, and a red headed girl.
I felt the same way the night before school and I still love the smell of a new schoolbook. Being a teacher for the past 8 years, I still don't sleep the night before. =) Now it's because I lay awake wondering if I've forgotten anything. LOL
Back then our summer was almost 3 months. Most of us didn't start school until after Labor Day. They must still do that in the north... all the September calendar stuff for my class shows September as the back to school month.

Courtney said...

It is that time of year. I have spent the past few days in my room working. I start back a week from Monday. The summer went too fast!

Bridgette said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for sharing!!! :)