Aug 21, 2009

Flashback Friday - Happy Birthday Elijah!

Today I'm going to do a Flashback featuring my little nephew, Elijah. He's always been Aunt Minda's buddy, since the day he was born. His birthday is this Sunday. I can't believe he'll be 8-years-old.

Here he is at Christmas the December after he turned one. I loved those cheeks.

This is the next Christmas. He, at one time owned EVERY Veggie Tales video ever produced. He was always a HUGE Veggie Tales fan.

Here he was video conferencing with Uncle Reagan one afternoon at our house. He's always had a thing for my 'puter. That's what he called my computer when he was younger. He'd say, "Aunt Minda, can we find Veggie Tales on your 'puter?"

This is me with Elijah at the end of his kindergarten year. The students did a program where they dressed like nursery rhyme characters and said different nursery rhymes. I cannot remember what his rhyme was.

This is me and the boys one night when my Daddy and I went up to spend the night with them.

This was in July 2007 at my cousin's wedding. Elijah was a ring bearer.

This is Elijah and Sara Madalin the first time he got to see her. When his mom told him he had a new cousin, he kept asking her when he could see her. And she loves him. She has the best time with him and his brother, Jeremiah.

Here's Elijah at his birthday party last year. He was a "pool shark."

Elijah's a big boy now. He's decided that, instead of having a birthday party this year, he wanted to have a few friends over to spend the night. We'll miss celebrating his birthday with him. But since we can't be there, we want to wish him the best birthday ever. Happy Birthday Elijah! We love you!

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K Storm said...

I am wild about my nephews too...he seems so special!

Courtney said...

Cute flashback. Nephews are so much fun!