Aug 28, 2009

I Heart Sugar

It's been a while since Sara Madalin and I got to spend an entire day alone together at home. This summer I attended class EVERY DAY so I didn't get to spend any lazy days alone with her. She went to Mrs. Gail's every day. It was a routine that she got used to and that worked well with her. Now that classes have started back where I teach, she continues to go to Mrs. Gail's every day. Even when I'm not working, she goes to Mrs. Gail's. Unless we have an appointment, or she has a class, as will be the case on Fridays soon, she goes to Mrs. Gail's. She is a child who needs the structure and routine of going every day. We (Reagan and I) have talked a little about schools for her (already) and we agree, she needs to continue to be somewhere that is relatively structured. She is so strong-willed and head-strong and CURIOUS(!!!). We feel that structure with her is a must. Getting up and going to Mrs. Gail's every day aids in creating structure for her.

All that to say, I got to spend a couple days with her this week. Tuesday she and I got to play and talk and cuddle all day. Tuesday afternoon I was looking for something to do to entertain her, so we went outside. AND, because I just don't have nearly enough pictures of this little stinker, I snapped a few.

She loves playing in the grass. It fascinates her.

Oh, how I love her.

Look at what's in her hand. Grass. Guess what was in her mouth right after I snapped this picture. . . Grass.

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K Storm said...

I love how her hair is so curly on top of her head!! She's going to have fun hair to fix!

I have found that my kids do better with a structured routine too. Seems to confuse them when we make exceptions.

Carrie said...

So glad to know I am not the only one with a CURIOUS litte girl!

I just love her hair it is too sweet.

Lauren said...

She looks so grown in the middle picture! Too cute!

Courtney said...

Love the beautiful new pictures!

Peggy said...

What an adorable baby!

(I just found your blog and read your adoption story... Thank you for sharing it.)