Aug 25, 2009

WHAT is up, Doc?

Monday mornings we get started early around here. Sara Madalin and I leave our house between 6:45 and 7:00. We leave so early because after I drop Sara Madalin off, I have to navigate traffic through 3 different school traffic areas, and be on campus where I teach in time to begin my 8:00 class. All that to say, we leave early, but we try not to get Sara Madalin up until the last minute. Reagan gets her up, changes her for Mrs. Gail's and she and I leave as close to 6:45 as possible.

This past Monday morning she slept until about 10 minutes before we left. Reagan got her up, changed her and gave her a cup of milk. She sat in his lap and drank it while I finished getting ready. I took her to Mrs. Gail's, dropped her off and headed toward campus.

Reagan called me before I even got to campus and said that Mrs. Gail had called. She said Sara Madalin looked like she didn't feel good. She took her temperature and she was running fever. Reagan's schedule is a little more flexible on Mondays, so he went to pick her up. He took her to B.B.'s for a couple hours, until her doctor's appt. (that he called to make). He said when he came back to B.B.'s to pick up Sara Madalin, she was cuddling and rocking her. I'm not sure who enjoyed that more, Sara Madalin or B.B.

So, the whole time this was going on, I was trying to conduct class and teach about media convergence, and how fashion was affected by the Great Depression. (I know, they trust me to teach VERY important stuff.) In the midst of all that, all I could do was pray she didn't have the swine flu. There are a number of schools in this area that have had many cases of it recently. And she's been around so many people this past weekend and in settings where, someone could have had it, and I wouldn't have known. Not to mention the fact that Miss Congeniality has to speak to EVERYONE she sees at a restaurant, or at church or any other public place we go to. We went out to eat Friday night. A waiter came by to speak and she put her arms out to him. Of course, he picked her. And it's like that where ever we take her. So, who knows what she's been exposed to by whom.

Anyway, Reagan took her to the doctor's office. They ran a number of tests. Swine flu test was negative. Strep test was negative. But her white blood count was low, which meant she had some type of viral infection. So, he (Dr. R.) sent her home and said that she should be fine in the next few days. We're giving her Motrin to help with the fever.

She was very sleepy and lethargic all afternoon. (Because of the fever.) Once I finished my last class, I came home and she and I laid down together. We both slept for about 2 hours. And I wouldn't wish her to be sick ever - oh, how it hurts my heart when she's sick - but she is very cuddly when she's sick. She likes to sleep very close to her mommy when she doesn't feel good.

But, as of bedtime Monday night, she's feeling much better. She played ball with her Daddy. Chased Taco around the living room. She ate a whole cereal bar for dinner. She drank her milk. And she went to bed on time and with no fuss. So, I guess time will tell.

I have to brag on Daddy a little bit. He really took care of her today. I am so thankful that he helps with her so much. And, he says the best part of their time together, was that they got to go to lunch together. By the time lunch came around, after the doctor's visit, she was feeling a little bit better. She ate a little grilled cheese sandwich. She smiled and spoke to every employee and customer in the restaurant. She's not going to let a little fever interfere with her socializing.

And not only did Daddy take her to the doctor, he also remembered to take a few pictures for the blog. Here she is doing what she ALWAYS does at the doctor's office - destroying the paper covering on the exam table. (Please over look the junk in her trunk.)

She had a little snack while she waited on the doctor. Animal crackers - great for what ails you.

Reagan said that he put the cookies up in her diaper bag and she kept feeling around in there trying to find them.

He said he got a few stares in the waiting room. First, for being a dad in the doctor's office. They are used to seeing moms bringing the babies in. Then he also said he felt a little weird carrying around a zebra print diaper bag. What he doesn't realize is, only the cool dads carry animal print bags. He'll learn.

Anyway, our girl is better. I am so thankful she doesn't have the swine flu. Just hope the fever goes away and she's well soon.

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Avery's Mommy said...

Hope she's feeling better. Glad it's not Swine flu!

The Glenn Gang said...

Way to go Deacon! So proud of you for being so hands on. Those dads are the BEST! We have one at our house too!

summerp said...

Aww..poor little thing. Lexi has 8 teeth coming in right now--so we have been dealing with the fever thing too. No fun! I was thinking as I was looking at the pictures..I bet Reagan looked a site with that zebra diaper bag..haha!

Lynn said...

AWWWW, Reagan is such a good dad. Hope you feel better soon Sara Madalyn. Love ya, Lynn

Penny said...

Way to go Sugar's daddy! =)
I don't recall, in ALL the times Shelbi (my youngest) had to go to the doctor, Larry (my husband and her daddy) EVER taking her. If he went, he sure wasn't by himself. He was at work, though, and I was a SAHM way back then, subbing occassionally. Maybe that's why, huh? Anyway, she was in the pediatrician's office 3 times a week for a few years getting blood work done. :(
Glad it's nothing more than a viral infection. Thank God. =)

Courtney said...

Hope she is feeling better soon!

Ashlee McCrary said...

I hope she gets better soon! Thats no fun when the little ones sick! I love your diaper bag! I have the same one in a brown/pink toile print!