Sep 15, 2009

"Green with Envy" - An Update on the Office

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we were moving on to our next home improvement project - the office. If you want to see pictures of how the office looked before we ever started, you can click on this link. Today I'm going to show you how far we've come since I made that blog post. And because some people asked where I purchased certain pieces in the last room we re-decorated, I'll try to tell you where I bought some of the things we placed in this room.

First, Reagan had to do quite a bit of repair on the walls. The room was initially intended for walk-in storage. Not much care was given to the walls. But we wanted to use it as our home office and my sewing/craft area. So, before we painted, Reagan needed to patch up some places on the walls. It ended up taking him longer than he thought. Here's a look at what he did in the room to prepare it for re-painting.

You can see, he had an awful lot to fill in and sand down. But it looks so much better since he repaired the walls.

And, as I did with our guest bedroom, I sought out help from a great decorator, Rhoda. She created a storyboard for this room. On the board she showed me some pieces she found online that she thought would work well in here. She also told me how she thought the furniture should best be arranged for the functions I wanted the room to perform. She suggested a wall color that was pretty daring. It's Behr Grasscloth from Home Depot. It is very green. But I LOVE it. She suggested I use blue and brown to accent that color. I also thought orange would look good in some of the accessories. Here's a look at what we've done so far.

As you enter the room, looking forward is our window. We don't have the blinds or curtains hung yet. So, I didn't take pictures of that. When they are up, I'll take a photo of that area. We'll also add a couple of chairs and a table to that area. Again, I'll post an update once those pieces are in the room.

On the left end of the room, is my office area. (You can click on the picture to enlarge it if you want.)

I'm still working on positioning the furniture (which I purchased years ago at Office Depot) and I've not added anything to the walls yet. I also haven't added many accessories to the area. I plan to purchase an additional bookcase or two to go with the one on the left wall. All my books are still in boxes in storage. Once I have the bookcases in place, I'll use them for my books and for office supply storage. I'm also looking for a new office chair. I purchased the rug from Ballards. Rhoda turned me on to them and I've found quite a few things there that I like for the house. The filing cabinet on the right wall will eventually be moved, probably to the left of the desk. I told Rhoda I needed somewhere for us to put our electronics (printer, scanner, etc.). She suggested a table on the right wall for those things. I'm still looking for a piece I'm happy with. But, when all that's in place, the area you see above will be my office.

On the other end of the room, to the right of the window is my sewing area.

I added the lamp because the lighting in this room is not so great. There are two florescent lights - one on each end of the room. Rhoda suggested we add track lighting. We plan to do that, but we haven't quite gotten that far yet. Anyway, I added the lamp. And that table, it's not staying. I just had some sewing I need to do NOW so Reagan put it in there for me. I plan to purchase a project table for sewing and cutting out fabric.

Here's a look a little farther down that wall.

This is an antique sewing machine I have. I kept it in here for decorative purposes only. I DO NOT sew on this machine, although, it is in working order.

Here's the rug I'll have under the sewing table when I add it. It's a fun rug. It's a green shag. I got it at Pier 1.

I'm also looking for a chair for my sewing area. Rhoda had suggested a zebra print rug for this room, but I may purchase a zebra print chair instead of the rug. I saw one I liked at Pier 1. I'm still thinking about that.

This is the little "cubby" or cut out area that's also in my sewing area. Rhoda suggested an armoire for storage in this area. Right now, I have some plastic containers here where I store my sewing supplies and patterns. I have other plans for storage, but again, I'm still working on it.

I am really loving the way this room is coming together. I was reading a post from another blogger last week that said, "Home was not built in a day." That's what I'm trying to remind myself. We've lived here for several months, and sometimes I want all the renovations and painting and redecorating to be finished. But it's not. It's far from finished. But we are enjoying making this house our home - together.

I know not everyone who reads our blog likes these long posts (Martha) but there are a few who do enjoy seeing the progress on the rooms. And I enjoy looking back at how far we've come too. As more re-decorating projects are completed, I'll post updates.

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Roxanne said...

We've lived in our house for almost 4 years, and the projects still aren't finished. It's like laundry...about the time you've finished the last project, it's time to update the first!

I love the green, and can't wait to see the final product!

southerninspiration said...

I love how it's coming together...I was wondering if the desk with the lamp on top would go better on the left wall that is higher and the lamp would not be so close to the ceiling; then when you get your additional bookcase, you could have a wall of bookcases as a focal point and one you could accessorize. Then you wouldn't see the cords under the desk when you first walk in either.....I like it the way it is, too, but I am always thinking of how to hide cords!!! :) Just my thoughts....


K Storm said...

You are gonna love that room!

Marianne said...

I've been lurking on your blog for a while. I adore your adoption story as adoption is very near and dear to my heart. I think your Sara Madalin is the sweetest thing ever. About your room, when I read the color, I was doubtful, but after seeing it, the green is beautiful and very fitting for that room. I am envious of all that space you have for your projects. You have a beautiful home and you will get it just like you want it, where it is absolutely perfect for you and your precious family.

Leslee said...

ohhhh pretty!!! :)

Ashlee McCrary said...

i love that color green on the walls & the off white furniture! thats such a cool office area yall have!

Melanie said...

I love the color and your office furniture!

I bet you could find an armoire really cheap on Craigslist. A lot of people have armoires to sell when they upgrade to a flat screen/plasma tv.

Looks great!