Sep 9, 2009

Never a Dull Moment

Whew! It is never dull around here these days. Terrible 2's CANNOT be worse than this.

Can they?

Sara Madalin is one busy little girl. Monday afternoon she pulled all her snacks out of her small diaper bag. Somehow she opened a ziploc baggie full of goldfish (or "shish" as she calls fish). She and Taco then shared a little snack together.

That is, until we found her and she heard those words she has heard so much these days, "SARA MADALIN! NO-NO!"

So, she tried to get as many into her mouth as she could before we scooped her up and took the crackers away from her.

And that was Monday afternoon.

Last night, Tuesday, if I spanked her and moved her once, I did it 10 times. And yet she continued to do this...

That is my 16-month-old child, standing on the coffee table. Just one slip away from falling onto a concrete floor and cracking her pretty little head. I spanked her and spanked her. And then I spanked her some more. And every time I'd walk over to the kitchen, no matter where she was in the living room, she ran to the coffee table and climbed onto it as fast as she could. When she'd see me coming, she'd just lay down on it and wait for me to come spank her and remove her from the table.

So, then she just waited until her Daddy came home and she did it again. Luckily, I had my camera close and I shot this video, you know, for proof.

See, when she sees her Daddy get up out of his chair, she knows she's about to get in trouble. But it's almost as if she's excited about it.

Once he moved her, she walked over to me and held her little arms up to me. I picked her up, she gave me a quick kiss, then she was off to see what else she could get into.

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K Storm said...

She's a determined little girl!! The thrills are worth the punishment right now, aren't they?

Penny said...

Hilarious! How can you spank that?! JK I spank too, even the cute ones. lol

Katie (and Tony) said...

Oh my! I can just see her trying to stand and her foot gets caught in her dress and she falls this video. I'm with you!

Heather said...

Sooo funny...of course only when it's someone else's child. Gia loves to climb onto the top of her toy box and even though we bought those foam letter puzzles to cover the floor with it still gives me visions of trips to the ER. They certainly are persistent when they want to do something, all I can say is it's a good thing God made them cute!

Avery's Mommy said...

Wow this post really reminds me of Avery. Same bathtime routine (and toothbrush). Same tantrums and into everything. Also knows daddy means business!