Sep 28, 2009

Popsicle Love

Tonight after dinner (and her bath) Reagan gave Sara Madalin a treat. He had brought home some popsicles. She loved it.

The pictures are funny and cute, but the videos are even better.

Needless to say, she was not happy at all when it was time to give the popsicle back to Daddy and wash up for bed.
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Heather said...

Popsicles (well, ice cream really) make me feel like dancing least that's what it looked like she was doing as she twirled around with it in that first video. She also looked like she didn't want to share it with either Daddy or the dog...too cute!

Melody said...

This is too cute! Funny how it's a familiar thing to two year reacts very much the same way. The power of a popsickle! I think I just might go grab one for all of that's a persuasive blog post! You should do commercials. Ha!

Lynn said...

That is too funny. I loved it after she dripped it on the floor how she slowly lifted her leg over it as if not to get her leg in it. Bless her heart. Don't make that baby cry like that.